For more than 25 years STAN BUSH has been active in the music business. First with a band called BOULDER, but in the early 80s he went solo and never looked back. He released a lot of awesome classic AOR albums, but it has been quiet recently around Stan the man. therefore it was interesting to catch up with him for a small interview, let's see what he had to say...

Hey Stan, besides being a big fan of your music, I am very interested in getting back to your very first steps into the musicworld. Was BOULDER your first band?

Yeah, the first original band. The band formed in Boulder, Colorado and wrote our own songs. Then we got a deal on Elektra/Asylum Records and moved to L.A.

Please tell me more about your BOULDER period?

Well I knew most of the guys in the band from Florida where I grew up. They asked me to join this killer band in Colorado to do a serious original project with financial backing and all. We spent three years writing, recording, and performing around Colorado.

Why did you leave BOULDER?

When we signed to Electra/Asylum Records, we came to L.A. to do the record. After that the band stayed in California.

Any chance that the BOULDER material will be re-issued onto CD?

I doubt it. The album didn't really sell very well. I was a political thing at Elektra where the head of A&R was fired, and he was the one who had signed us and produced the album. It didn't really get promoted.

Then you went solo, tell me all about your fantastic classic solo debut album?

Well, I had a chance to record an album at Elektra studios with an engineer from there. The songs from that record were what got me a deal with CBS records the following year. We re-recorded the same songs from that 'demo-album' with better musicians and production.

One of the songs, "It's hot", you already wrote in 1979, was that the first song you ever wrote?

I co-wrote "It's hot" with Bob Harris, the other singer from the band "Boulder". We wrote it after the Boulder album was done, so it was available for me to record.

Between 1979 and 1983, did you write songs that didn't end up on that 1983 debut?

Yes, there are always extra songs that don't make the album, either because they're the wrong style and maybe don't fit in with the other songs.

How did you get in touch with some of the famous session musicians on your debut, and how did you end up releasing the album on SONY MUSIC?

We tracked the album at Sound City Studios with some of the top studio musicians around LA. Producers were Kevin Beamish (Reo), and John Ryan, and Andy Johns remixed a few of the tracks. The musicians were Drums: Mike Baird, Keyboards: Alan Pasqua, and bass guitar: Leland Sklar.

I particularly like your guitar playing on that 1983 album, because you played some awesome guitar melodies, something I missed on later records, how do you feel about this some 20 years later?

Thanks. I played all the guitars on that album. Later on, I felt I should just hire session players, because LA has some the best musicians around. Maybe I thought of myself as more of a singer/songwriter and not so much a guitarist.

And what are your thoughts on the 1983 album nowadays? (I think it's the best album you ever did, also your most rocking)

Thanks. That album has an innocence and a certain excitement about it. I still like the songs although I think my lyrics have gotten better.

After the 1983 album it became very quiet, what did you do?

When CBS/Sony didn't pick up the option for another record, I was a bit disappointed. I was mostly just writing and recording more new songs, and doing gigs around LA. I hooked up with new management and was writing with different people.

Then came the 'Transformers' stuff, how did you end up playing songs in this cartoon?

I did a showcase/performance for Scotti Bros. Records and got signed. I recorded the Stan Bush & Barrage album at Scotti Bros. Studios with producer, Richie Wise. He hooked me up with some songwriters to collaborate with, one of whom was Lenny Macaluso. Lenny and I wrote "The Touch" which was chosen to be the featured track in "Transformers: The Movie"

There you also met THE BARRAGE, right?

I met those musicians during the Sound City days when I did the CBS album. Some of those guys also played in Rick Springfield's band at the time.

1987 was the release of the fantastic AOR Classic 'Stan Bush and Barrage', can you tell me more about this album and what are your feelings about the record now?

It's still a great record. We had a lot of fun doing it. I worked with a few songwriters to come up with the material for the album, and the musicians were all really good. "Love Don't Lie" was later recorded by House of Lords, and there were a couple of movie soundtracks.

Once again it became very quiet around you, what did you do between 1987 and 1993?

I did a few tours in Europe, mostly Germany. I was busy singing a lot of commercials in LA, like Toyota and Coors Beer. I also was writing songs with Jonathan Cain (Journey, Bad English), and Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams, Aerosmith).

The whole music climate had changed until you start to release a bunch of albums from 1993 on. These were all happily great AOR albums, what do you consider your best 90s record?

The "Every Beat of My Heart" record was definitely one of my best, as it was a collection of some of the best stuff I recorded between 1987 and 1993. I also really like "The Child Within" even though it's a bit more accoustic guitar style. The eighties rock thing was basically over at that point, and as you said the climate was changing.

Your last record dates back a few years when you released a very good album on FRONTIERS RECORDS, which I think is your strongest album since 'Every beat of my heart'from 1993, how successful was that record?

I've released two records on Frontiers, the first one "Heaven" was a collection of older unreleased tracks. The latest record "Shine" was just released last year, and has received very good reviews, and strong sales.

You did perform a great concert in the UK at the Gods recently, can we expect more gigs in Europe in the future?

I am hoping to come back over for some more shows. There is a possibility something could be scheduled for this fall. I just confirmed with Frontiers to record a new album, so it looks very likely there will be some touring as well.

What have you been doing after your latest CD release?

I've mainly been performing around LA, and writing songs for the upcoming album. I'll probably begin recording late summer so I have a lot of songs to write. I've also been doing some vocal sessions here in LA.

Besides all your CDs, what else have you been doing? Projects? Soundtracks for movies perhaps?

"The Touch" was used the the movie, "Boogie Nights", and I won an Emmy award for a song called "Until I Was Loved By YouČ. The category was Best Original Song."Capture the Dream" was featured in the 1996 Olympics on NBC in a special broadcast highlighting the success of the U.S. Swim Team, and was featured on NBC during the NBA playoffs. Other movies include Jean-Claude Van Damme's "Kickboxer" and "Bloodsport", Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It".

Looking back, what do you consider your best record?

I think that the new album "Shine" is my best yet, although the "Stan Bush & Barrage" album is a close second.

Present day, what are you working on right now?

I'm working on writing songs for the new album.

The future, what can we expect from you in the future, new stuff coming up?

The new album I'll be doing with Frontiers will be recorded in the early fall. Maybe they'll schedule the release in early '06. Also the U.S. release of "Shine" is coming up soon. "Shine" will be available on LA Also the details on the upcoming album will be posted on the LA Records website.

Some other personal questions which you can answer briefly:

- First album ever bought: Jimi Hendrix "Experience"

- Last album bought: Don Henley's last album

- Favourite album (s) of all times: Led Zepplin IV

- Musical influences (bands): Led Zepplin, Beatles, Foreigner, Eagles

- Musical influences (singers): Paul Rogers, Lou Gramm, Paul McCartney, Don Henley

- First visited concert ever: Beach Boys

- Last visited concert: Eagles

non-related music:

- favourite city: Santa Barbara, CA

- favourite country: USA

- favourite food: Seafood

- favourite drinks: Fine red wine

- favourite movie: Cinderella Man

Thanks for answering the questions and good luck with your career...

Thanks for your interest and support! All the best!