EDGE OF FOREVER  is a project/band between the AXE singer Bob Harris and some Italian members. The result can be heard on 2 CDs, of which their latest contains some awesome AOR songs a la SURVIVOR and Melodic Heavy Rock a la RAINBOW. I had an interview with one of the main members, keyboardplayer Allesandro Del Vecchio, let's see what he had to say...

Hi there, you just released an awesome new CD with EDGE OF FOREVER, please tell us all about it…

Hi everybody from Alessandro Del Vecchio and Edge Of Forever! Yeah, our new record “Let The Demon Rock’n’Roll” is finally out. In this record you can have our best performances as musicians and our best songs so far. It took a great work from us and the label who sent us in the USA to do the record with Bobby Barth, the producer and guitar player of Blackfoot, Axe, Jaded Heart, Cita and many many more. This record is way more AOR than the first one, which was very into class metal and stuff la Rising Force. We tried to discover a different side of us, which led us to do a more straight, rock, 70’s record. Bobby Barth did a great work letting us work in that direction and this record confirms who we are as a band and which is the real value of our music.

Was there a change in the writing process for the new album compared to the first record?

We worked for this record as we did for the first one. Me and the guitar player usually write the music and lyrics. Then I take charge of all the vocal lines and send everything to Bob, MTM and the producers. The chance was to do a better work than the debut, because everybody was waiting for something big from us. Our debut was highly acclaimed anywhere so we had to face that and do the best we could. I think we got it. I mean, we grew as musicians and authors and songs like “One Last Surrender”, “Crime Of Passion” and “A Deep Emotion” talk by themselves.

I think the best songs are the first 3 songs, what do you consider the best songs on the new album?

I think that the first 3 songs are great. I mean, two of those represent something great to me. Especially “One Last Surrender”, which I consider one of the best songs ever written by myself. This song is dedicated to a very special person to me and I think that it represents my musical view of how a song should be: great melody, fine arrangements, melodic solos, pumping drums and excellent production. Then I really Like “Shade Of November”, “Crime Of Passion”, “ A Deep Emotion” and “In My Eyes” because of their AOR flavour.

Any plans to tour with the band?

I just dealing with some management houses for taking the band on stage for the fall. I can’t wait for the day I will play the EOF stuff live! There will be some important and shocking renewals, but I can assure you’ll see something special. We only have to see when Francesco will be touring with UDO, so that we can fit the two tours together.

Is EDGE OF FOREVER a true band in the sense of it will continue for a long time or should we see this as a project doing an album every now and then?

Edge Of Forever is a REAL and TRUE band. EOF name will live as long as I will be a musician. It is part of my life and my music. No matter who will be with me or not, Eof will continue for a long time, believe me. And when the band will hit the stages each uncertainty about it will be destroyed. You’ll see a band, in its whole.

Musically you are trying to mix heavy guitar riffs of the classic hardrock (RAINBOW) with strong AOR melodies (AXE), how do you see it yourself?

That’s excatly what we wanna do. I think that the perfect mix of rock guitars and great melodies were the first two record of Rainbow with Joe Lynn Turner on vocals. I mean, those records are wonderful, they have everything a hard rock record gotta have! As for the similarity with Axe we gotta thank the fact that Bob’s voice reminds of his records with them and and that Bobby Barth and Egard Riley, Jr. ( Axe Keyboarder) did a great background vocals work in the perfect tradition of Axe records. In my mind our sound is the mixture of Rainbow, Rising Force (in their melodic days), Axe and Survivor.

What’s up with AXE by the way, because it has been very quiet around them…

We always talked about the future of Axe, but nothing is fixed. Bobby and Edgar are the spirit of Axe and as for now they don’t have plans to reform the band. I think Bob will be always waiting for this. But right now Edgar is running the studio for Bobby Barth who is touring with the reformed Blackfoot, so I think the’re too busy for working on a record with the band 8

What can we expect in the future from you, this band and other side-projects?

As for EOF in September we will start working on our 3rd record and start recordings in December. In july we will have long hours in the studio preparing the fall shows. As for me I am working with Matteo Filippini to take Moonstone on stage and this will mean that we’re fixing a fantastic band with some of the huge, great names he had on his record, but I can’t say much more. In fall I will rejoin my old mates Time Machine for a new record that will blow away many fans of this prog band. I’m also trying to write some material for a solo prject in which I will include Marcel Jacob in bass and production and I will be very happy to work again with this great friend and musician. One of the most important things around EOF is that Francesco Jovino is the new drummer of UDO and next year he will be touring a lot with them and have a record out in October. Quite busy guys we are don’t you think?

Some other personal questions which you can answer briefly:

 - First album ever bought: Ozzy Osbourne “The Ultimate Sin”

- Last album bought: Deep Purple “Made in Japan” remastered

- Favourite album (s) of all times: Deep Purple “Made in Japan” Queen “A Night at the Opera” Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force “Odissey” Black Sabbath “Heaven and Hell” Toto “IV” Genesis “Selling England by the Pound” Rainbow “Rising” Whitesnake “Slide It In”

- Musical influences (bands): Queen, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Malmsteen, Europe, Talisman, Black Sabbath, Elp, Genesis, Yes, Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, Savatage, Dio.

- Musical influences (keyboarders): Jon Lord, Jens Johansson, Mats Olausson, David Paich, Derek Sherinian, Tony Banks, Keith Emerson, Jan Hammer, Don Airey, David Rosenthal.

- First visited concert ever: Santana, Milan ‘92

- Last visited concert: Dio, Tradate, I ‘05