Big surprise this year was the new DUNGEON CD which saw them moving into a very sensational Melodic Metal direction, because the song "Under the cross" is one of the best songs released in 2005! Sadly even more surprising was the fact the band announced their split after 16 years! So now we are doing an interview with LORD TIM, who was the bandleader and he will tell us everything about what happened...

For me it was a little bit of a shock when I heard about the disbanding of DUNGEON, because your band belongs to the best ‘new’ Heavy Metal bands of the last decade. What was the reason to quit DUNGEON when your fan base was still growing?
There's a press release that was posted on www.dungeon.cd  that explained it pretty well, but basically it felt wrong to continue under the name of Dungeon for me when Stu and Glenn left the band. Dungeon has had many lineup changes since it was formed in 1989 but in every change, there was always some strong link to a former lineup. This time, it was just myself and our new drummer Tim Yatras and it seemed like it was a new band. I'm sure I could have found replacements and continued on as Dungeon but I strongly believe that if something feels wrong, there is usually a very good reason for it, so I chose to end the band.

Why did you re-record “Resurrection” instead of recording a new album?
When we signed to LMP a few years ago, they wanted to release our back catalogue which included the 'Resurrection' album. The original recording was absolutely terrible, unfortunately, and we knew there would be no way we could ever expect anyone to buy it the way it was, as well as it containing a very different lineup of Dungeon. So during the recording sessions for 'One Step Beyond' we entirely re-recorded the album the way we originally intended it to sound back in 1998. It was hard work doing 2 albums at once but we knew it would give us time to work on the next 'new' album and keep the fans satisfied during the break.

You’re going to move on under your own name, who will be in this new band?
Yes, the new band will be called LORD, which was originally my solo project. Tim Yatras (drums) will be on board and I've found a very talented bassist and guitarist to join the ranks, and possibly a keyboard player for some live shows. I'll be revealing who they are very soon.

Will this new band play in the same style as DUNGEON?
Indeed it will! Dungeon was really heading in a certain direction which had a lot of elements from my solo album anyway (songs like 'Against The Wind' and 'The Hunger' from the 'One Step Beyond' album could easily have come from the first LORD album, for example) but instead of this being a solo project, it will very much be a band situation where every member will contribute, exactly as it was in Dungeon.

Are your new albums also going to be released at Limb Music?
We actually have one final Dungeon album which is about 75% written now which will be released through LMP sometime in 2006. As for LORD, I guess that all depends if both parties are happy to keep working together. Lately especially, I've been really happy with Limb's work, so I think it could be good future relationship.

Any other plans besides this new band?
I've been doing a lot of work with a band called Ilium, helping them produce their albums and contributing lead vocals. As well as that, myself and Tim have several fun side recording projects in the works and I've nearly finished writing a hard rock / AOR album as well. There's always something going on!

In the summer you did some gigs with DUNGEON in Europe, how were the reactions of the crowd?
We were expecting a negative reaction supporting a band as big as Megadeth, because most people were there to see them and don't care for the support band at all, but we were very pleasantly surprised that the reaction was nothing short of amazing! People really seemed to enjoy our set and in turn we put on a better show because of it.

Any chance of coming back to Europe?
Definitely! Hopefully LORD will be able to make it back in 2006, depending on how much money we have to play with - most of our budget will be spent on the final Dungeon album and pre-production of the next LORD album, but we would very much like to come back as soon as we can.

Finally I have some short questions:
First bought LP: My first metal LP was Queensryche: Rage For Order
First gig: I think seeing AC/DC visit my town when I was 7, but first real metal gig was Sepultura in 1992
First guitar: A cheap Onyx Explorer clone - and it was terrible! HAHA! But I made my own guitar not long after that.
Favorite food: Mexican, especially Fajitas - but it MUST be done well!
Favorite drink: Jim Beam's Rye + Pepsi Max or really strong black coffee
Favorite country: Australia! But there's things I've liked about every country I've visited so far.
Favorite sport: V8 Supercars and Australian Pro Wrestling
Best place to play a gig: Anywhere there's a lot of crazy metal fans who want to have a good time
Music full time job: It is for me.
Anything to add for our readers: Thank you so much for your support! I hope you enjoy LORD as much as you did Dungeon. Cheers!!


Thanks for the interview, good luck with your new band.
See you soon.