DREAMLAND released a fantastic melodic metal releases at the end of 2005, which was once again the proof that good music mainly comes out of Sweden nowadays. The band is not far removed from NOCTURNAL RITES, DREAM EVIL and HAMMERFALL, The Metal Leaders from Sweden. Therefore it was very interesting to do an interview with this band. Letīs see what they have to say...

Please tell me all about your band...

The only founding member still in the band is our singer Joacim. Him and his friends started out in Mariestad, Sweden as “Unchained” in the late 90’s and later switched name to “Infinity”. They started to get their first attention with the demo “Crystal age”, a three song affair that got them good reviews in fanzines and also earned them a gig on the smallest stage at Sweden Rock Festival. Things were moving fast and were getting serious, so they needed to change the line-up a bit to meet the higher expectations. I joined one week prior to playing that gig at Sweden Rock Festival in 2000 and it was a fantastic first experience with the band. We then recorded the single "The Call" in 2002 and did some more major gigs. At that point we had some serious interest from various record companies and the music was straight-ahead type “A” power metal. At the time, though, there was also another album out called "(Beto Vasquez) Infinity" or something like that and the interested labels all advised us not to use the name. So we re-evaluated the situation, went through some changes in the line-up and settled for the name “Dreamland”. We decided to make a fresh start in a more melodic direction, take it easy while creating new material, and that’s were we finally are today with the new album out.

You owe a lot to JOACIM CANS of HAMMERFALL, please tell me how you got in touch with him?

We’re all very good friends with all the members of HammerFall and I also shared a house with Joacim Cansuntil recently. So when he built a studio in the basement it was easy to chose one of the recording locations =) I just had to get up, brew some coffee and walk the few stairs down to the studio and record =)

I think DREAMLAND is a great band, but aren't you afraid people will call DREAMLAND a HAMMERFALL clone (which I don't think so by the way)?

Well, that HammerFall comparison is probably something we have to live with. Weīre close friends with them, have about the same influences and even used Joacim Cans to co-produce the album. That last thing has helped us to gain a lot of attention through Joacims fame, but it also makes some reviewers think that he has helped us with the music and direction which is not true. I’m pretty sure that if it didn’t say “Jaocim Cans” and “HammerFall” on the cover of the Promo, not that many reviewers would compare us to them at all. I feel that our music is a bit softer than theirs and much more melodic.

The song "Die slowly" is my favourite song of the CD, cant get it out of my head, please tell me about it...

Thanks a lot, that pleases me personally =) Itīs my only contribution to the album as a songwriter. I don’t write many songs but this was an idea I had of a really heavy song. I called Jake and went over to his flat one night with this riff I had in mind. He helped me to record it and I was very pleases with the result. But after I left that night Joacim re-worked it to sound a bit poppier, he added the twin harmony-guitars over my riff. When I heard the re-worked version I was a bit dissapointed at first but once we started to rehearse the song it felt great and I’m very proud of my creation. It has some kind of Iron Maiden feel to it. I hope that I can come up with at least one decent riff even for the next album.

On one of the songs “Fade away we can hear a great guest female singer, who is this, can you tell me more about here?

Her name is Elise Rydh and she’s a very talented young girl from Gothenburg. At the time of recording she was dating our singer Joacim and he just asked her for some help in the studio when he was working with the vocal lines for “Fade Away”. They were playing around and recording different stuff in the studio one night and some of it sounded so good that we decided that we wanted to keep her parts. It was never intended for her to sing on that song at all, it’s one of those lucky coincidences that happens once in a while. She has also done work on a few of Falconers albums.

Are there any plans to do a tour as a support act?

Right now we have a few gigs booked in Sweden during the next couple of months and we’ll probably make a short trip to Germany as well in March. But there are no real “Tour-Plans” at this time. We’ll see what happens in the future, if the right offer comes up we are more than ready to Rock!!

What are the plans for DREAMLAND in the near future?

Playing live, writing new songs and start to prepare for the next album. We are very excited to go up North in Sweden on March 15 to do our first indoor Arena-show together with Nocturnal Rites and 220 Volt.

Anything to add for yourself?

I just want to say Hi to all the fans out there and Thank them for buying the album!! Keep on supporting us and we’ll probably end up playing live in a place near You in a not too distant future. Cheers!!