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Audio Player, sonique, winamp plugins support

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  • Released first Ubuntu version.

    Released first Ubuntu version.
    The version number however is 4.0 because it's based on the unreleased version 4.0 of my code.

    Some features are missing compared to the windows 3.0 version, but you can use it as an audio player fine.
    More features will be added in future versions.

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Older News

  • Added 2 NEW skins designed by Đỗ Duy Bình (04/01/2014).

    I have added 2 new skins by Đỗ Duy Bình.

    This skins has a playlist with big letters that makes song selection easier.

    Click here to go to skins section.

  • Released a NEW skin for Passion Audio Player with the name "New ERA skin" (16/12/2013).

    I am happy to announce the release of the New ERA skin.

    I named it "New ERA skin" because this will be the default skin for the next versions. It's totally developed by me and i hope you like it.

    Click here to go to skins section.