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Hello everyone, This website is about Gem- from IRC AustNet Network. Sometimes she uses the nickname EcstaticB1tch, Also uses that nickname on livejournal, But she deleted her own account due to people making fun of her and her problems, "I can't handle it!" she said. This story you are about to read is from her "boyfriend" Kim. The story begins here... "And yeah she broke it off with some 36 year old guy who she "Loved" and he is "obsessed" and "loves" her she is 17 and they have been talking for 4 years. i didnt ask her to choose between me and her, she wanted to choose for herself, yet i am the one who has to feel bad about it, she thinks she isnt going to resent me for it, even though i didnt make her choose, though i know she will end up hating me and bring it up to use against me. I just wanted to know where i stood, she hates having to break it up with him, she would probably be better off with him then i wouldnt have to deal with all this hurt and bullshit which happens. but then i wouldnt have her =( which would hurt me even more, but i guess that hurt would go away after a few years. i hate him i really do, i dont see how a 30 year old guy can be in loved or be interested in a girl who was 13 at the time, its just sick it trully is. but i dont care about him anymore, he can do whatever it wants now. i am over caring. caring is overated.... she seems or seemed to be somewhat self destructive."