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Wanted - Unique Attitude

Who We Are

You may see our publications lying around... You may have heard of us... You may know nothing about us... So who are we, anyway?

We are the girls outside of the TV. We are the real ones, your sisters and girlfriends, the girl on the corner, the girl in your Science class, the waitress at your favorite restaurant that you never talk to, and the girls who will grow up to be the next generation of this world's women.

We are faces in a crowd, people in a sea of humanity. We are anonymous.

We are the Fulgent Screeds.

We are the girls, ages 12-26 who decided that we had had enough with the false view of girls. We rebel against the cookie-cutter version of ourselves on the television. We are not a stereotype, and we are not simple. Our happiness, our sadness, our joys, troubles, fears, laughter, and tears are all real.

And we'd love to share that reality with you.

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