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Wanted - Unique Attitude

Where We Came From
(Out of the Swamp, Mutant Teenagers, and Other Theories)

We are from everywhere, from the world around you. We are based, as a zine, out of the Seattle Metro Area, but our reach goes farther than that. We hope to be read everywhere on earth, eventually.

And while that is our contention, there have been some other amusing theories, ever-mounting, as to our origins:

1) We popped off the page of an anime-comicbook gone awry. We are here to reek havic and mayhem.

2) We were once the cast of a bad soap-opera, paid big bucks to act the parts of our characters through our writing in this sadistic attempt by feminists to convince the world of our lies.

3) We are from the government. We have come to help.

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