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Wanted - Unique Attitude
Web page created by the editors. The Fulgent Screeds and all material, written or electronic, belong to the editors and authors of the Fulgent Screeds Zine and may be used only with permission.

Contacting our Beloved Thinkies

Our thinkies spend their time and energy every week making the Fulgent Screeds possible. In return, we protect them.

They are all around you, and we, and they, wish that their identity should be kept a secret. That is why they use fake names and don't tell how you can contact them. It is for their protection.

There is a [nearly fool-proof] way to get messages through to our thinkies. You must write the Editors at We will screen and most likely forward the email to the thinkie in question, who will then be able to read your comments or questions and respond through the Editors again. That way both of you are safe, and the identity of our thinkies and editors is retained. We are dreadfully sorry if this inconviences you in any way, but it is one policy we will not part with.