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Wanted - Unique Attitude

Our Thinkies

Here at the Fulgent Screeds, we use our brains alot. Our authors spend weeks thinking about what exactly they want to submit to the zine, and in the end usually throw together what they can last minute. The point is, its the thought that counts. That's why we call our authors Thinkies - they are thoughtful, smart, real girls who are really just trying to live their lives. Well, and get their article in before deadline.

Our thinkies are from all walks of life. We have older teens and younger teens. We have popular girls, less popular girls, out-going and less out-going girls.

We hope that we have found a true mix of society in our authors and are constantly searching for more unique perspectives to add to the mix. Unfortunately, we do have limited space in our zine, and not all of our thinkies can get an article in every issue, but we hope that you will begin to know and love all of our girls the way we do.

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