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Wanted - Unique Attitude

The Zine

The Fulgent Screeds. What can we say about this publication? It speaks for itself. It is the voice of teenage and college-age girls directed at a world that often drastically misunderstands them.

Our zine is a no-profit, volunteer organization. This means that no one is getting paid for it, period. And no money is being collected. Although, if you want to help with distribution, that is MUCH appreciated.

The Fulgent Screeds is a once a month under 20 page publication that prints articles that young women write about their lives and their beliefs.

It is based roughly in the Seattle Metro Area, though we hope it will spread across the globe in time.

Each issue cost approximately $0.75 to $1.00 to produce, raw cost. This is merely the cost to photocopy it, not including the paper, tape, glue, markers, pens, film for pictures, computer technology, and staples used to create the zine, much less the time and creativity involved.

If you have any questions, you may contact the editors at

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