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Wanted - Unique Attitude


These are the VERY short bios of our [current issue] thinkies. Enjoy.

Alasse Earfallas: (Take Two) Into drama, movies, and pop-culture, this 18-year-old actress is staying home for college in the fall.

H. G. Rollin: (Episode I, Take Two) 18, going to college in the fall and dreading it as well as loving it. Interested in english and psychology.

Leina Moore: (Take Two) Christian 16-year-old, this girl's got spunk and talent. Interested in music, drama, and art.

Saichick: (Take Two) Anime-loving 15-year-old who's random exhuberence makes us all smile. Dedicated to academics, and very smart.

Stella Wolfe / Stella Wollf: (Episode I, Take Two) This thinkie has spelled her name many different ways in the different issues of the Screed, probably because she couldn't remember how she spelled it last time, and didn't want to check. She is 18, going to college in the fall, and is interested in geologic science and drama.


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