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Wanted - Unique Attitude

Distribution: Subcribing and Spreading It Around

Distribution of the Fulgent Screeds is entirely dependent on people who choose to take a copy of the Fulgent Screeds they find or are given, photocopy it with their own money, and pass it on. We thank our distributors. They have put much of their pocket money into this endeavor, and so have we.

There is also a way to subscribe to the Screeds. The first, and less consistent way is to find someone who is handing them out and get it from them each time. The second is to send the editors an email at and ask them to send you a pdf of the screed each time it is published. Either one is acceptable. We would appreciate it if those that subscribe would print multiple copies and become distributors themselves.

Thank you and we hope that you enjoy our zine.

The Editors

  Web page created by the editors. The Fulgent Screeds and all material, written or electronic, belong to the editors and authors of the Fulgent Screeds Zine and may be used only with permission.