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Wanted - Unique Attitude
Web page created by the editors. The Fulgent Screeds and all material, written or electronic, belong to the editors and authors of the Fulgent Screeds Zine and may be used only with permission.

Contact the Fulgent Screeds

This is the contact information for the Fulgent Screds. Unfortunately, since we are an anonymous, no-profit, unregistered organization, there isn't much. And we prefer it that way. We are a nameless voice bringing a relavent message to the world, and we prefer to be known only for what we stand for: truth. We stand for the truth that is in all girls' lives world-wide, as they are living it, and we stand against stereotypes and boxes girls are stuffed into.

It is not possible to meet the editors, and it is not possible to know who the thinkies of the Screed are. The only people you can know are our distributors, who are sworn to secrecy. We are not something foreign to be contacted and dealt with. We are among you, walking with you, talking with you, laughing with you. We stand for you, and we are you.

That said, it is possible to talk to us. Above are links to contact the Editors of the Screeds and to Contact the Authors.

Please enjoy.