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Wanted - Unique Attitude

Becoming an Author

The original Thinkies of the Fulgent Screeds (as seen in Episode I) were simply those girls hanging around our high school who had enough guts and free time to write for us. As we grew, we realized that girls around the world might want to join our ranks and become a Thinkie as well. So, we have decided to make it as easy as possible for our readers to write for us as well, while not making the editors completely stressed out and sleepless.

Here's what you need to do:

Write a page for the Fulgent Screeds Zine, just as if it was going to go into our very next issue. And email it to us at as an attachment. In the body of the email, explain to us as best you can (no minimum or maximum length) why you want to become a Thinkie and what your unique situation and personality as a girl age 12-26 is. Also in the body of the email, give us your mail-back email address.

Rules for writing a Screed:

There are very few rules that we, the editors, give to our Thinkies to follow, but those that we have you must obey completely, or we will not put your entry in the next issue, nor consider you for the job of a Thinkie in our zine.

1) Do not, under any circumstances, argue with the other Thinkies of our zine in print. You may disagree about some issue or another, and you may take offense with what they have said, but you may not argue with them in print. Here's what you may do: You may offer your side of an arguement or your opinion without accusing the other Thinkie of any wrong or misjudgement. You may refer to a general group that that Thinkie is a part of and show how you disagree with their actions or their point of view. You may write about an issue another Thinkie has already covered from a different, or from the same perspective, and state your opinions on it, whatever they are. You are also allowed to mention other Thinkies in your article if it is not in criticism of them or in support of them against someone else. You may not degrade, insult, or blatantly attack any Thinkie in an arguement or in a discussion in your entry to the Screed. Doing so will result in disqualification and your entry will not be published.

2) You may not, ever, disclose information that will make our readers able to recognize, spot, or find you under any situation. Do not put screennames, personal webpages, friends webpages, blog URLs, or anything where they can find you outside of the zine in your entries. Do not use your real name. Use a name that is made up. In fact, sign your emails to the editors with your fake name. We do not care who you are, as long as you fit the guidelines, we like your work, and you are eligible for writing for us. (Qualifications for eligibility are being female, and ages 12-26.) No recognizable pictures of you, cartoons in your close-likeness, or cartoon or pictures of anyone else that you hang around on a regular basis may be put into your entries.

One more, generally informal rule, about writing a Screed is this: write in such a way that you are understandable. "In jokes" are not good Screed writing. We, the editors, are concerned that people will get the message we are trying to get across, and anything that hinders that will not ge in the Screed. We are not part of your social group, and will not undersatnd your "in jokes." And even if we do understand them, we will not be amused. Just don't do it.

Eligibility for writing for the Screeds:

You must be a female, ages 12-26. No older. No younger. And no males. We will be able to tell. We are currently discussing putting out an issue sometime this year between standard issues (meaning it would come out on the 15th of some month, not the 1st) written by all males, but for now that doesn't apply. We will keep you posted.

Format of a Screed:

As you may have noticed, our pages do not have much of a format to them. You may put basically whatever you want on them. One girl did hers by smearing makeup on a page in a pattern. Another did hers entirely on the computer. A third handwrote hers. However, there is one basic rule to Screed-work: no matter how many pages you submit (though we only publish up to 3 pages per Thinkie per issue) at least one half-page must be about YOU, including your fake name and something you want your readers to know about you. This is generally a bio, though it can be a short story, picture, or whatever you want, as long as it has your fake name and your age on it. Since you are only submitting 1 page for consideration of the editors, at least 1/2 of your Screed will be about you. Some have just submitted a full-page bio. That is ok as well.

When you save your Screed, you must send it as an attachment to us. This means you must either a) send us a Word document, b) send us a scanned version of it in either .jpg or .gif format, or c) send us it as a pdf file. It is your choice.

Good luck, and great writing to you!

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