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Wanted - Unique Attitude

About the Fulgent Screeds

The Fulgent Screeds Zine is a private, volunteer, no-profit organization dedicated to tearing down stereotypes of Junior High, High School, and College age girls by showing a realistic view of their lives, from their lips.

Every month a 10-20 page publication comes out in both print and electronic form writing by girls ages 12-26. It is distributed freely, and is available through our distributors (see "Subscribe Free"), on this website, and through email.

We are a completely anonymous publication, and we prefer to stay that way. Any communication to us or our editors is done through email. We use no real names, addresses, or anything that makes you able to contact us. You can not reach us. You can just hear what we have to say.

  Web page created by the editors. The Fulgent Screeds and all material, written or electronic, belong to the editors and authors of the Fulgent Screeds Zine and may be used only with permission.