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Opinion Blog

Welcome to the Food Quality Hub

Why this site?

Other than the fact that I am a little crazy for spending time working on a site like this when I am not working on these issues on the job, I hope this site will fill a need for those of us working in the food quality arena.

Hopefully there are three things that this site will eventually provide:

  1. A set of handy links to useful information related to food quality, safety, and regulatory issues.
  2. A forum for those of us working in these areas to discuss the various issues and problems that we face.
  3. A place to keep up with key developments through a news blog.

Since this project is simply something I am doing on my own I am taking advantage of the free hosting locations available on the internet. This will create a few issues, such as the discussion forum actually using a different host than the web page, but I hope to keep these to minor annoyances. Since this site is hosted on free providers, and because I have somewhat limited web development capabilities, this site will lack some of the bells and whistles and slick features of many other sites. I hope the information is useful enough that you will overlook this fact and visit the site often to get to the information you need.

About me

For now I am going to be somewhat anonymous, but I will give you a little background. I have been working in Food Quality since 1979, I have worked for a Fortune 500 food manufacturer in both the plant and corporate environment, a mid-size ingredient manufacture, and now a small snack food company. I have been heavily involved in everything form statistical quality control to regulatory affairs. I have done GMP and quality systems auditing, led HACCP implementation across across 30+ plants, written more than my fair share of procedures, and done a fair amount with statistical quality control. I have been responsible for regulatory affairs including dealing with Canadian and EU issues.