Darlene Zagata

 "Vicious Circle"

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  I see your still form lying there
  covered in cold hospital sterility.
  Its image carved into my brain.
  Flesh still warm and tender.
  Reminiscent of its former life.

  My feelings mixed are incomplete.
  No time to bid our love farewell.
  This death--it steals what life creates.
  The birth canal becomes a tomb
  that lies in wait with open jaws
  to feed and feast upon the flesh.
  Its monstrous appetite devours.

  It's said that death has lost its sting
  yet lessened pain I can't imagine.
  The sound of sirens burn my eyes
  and time repeats itself again
  like a circle where I'm trapped
  doomed forever to repeat
  this vicious image in my head.

  The sad expression on your face--
  I know you didn't want to leave.
  Time is not always a friend.
  Consumes us slowly like a flame.
  We're taught there is a greater plan.
  No answers feed a hungry soul.

  Existence is a patchwork quilt
  and we're the pieces sewn together
  until the Fates decide one day
  to cut the thread--unravel us.

  Copyright 2002 Darlene Zagata

 About the author:
Darlene Zagata is a writer, poet and mother of three sons and a daughter. Born in Georgia, she currently resides in Pennsylvania. Her work has appeared in several publications such as Promise Magazine, Entropic Desires, Nuvein Magazine, Slow Trains, Ginbender, Coelacanth Magazine and numerous others. Darlene is editor of the Health department at RITRO.com and a columnist at Child Care Magazine. She and her middle son co-author a column for Raising A Son.com. She is also a contributing author to several anthologies.


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