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Ecorse, Michigan

Address: 3869 West Jefferson Avenue
Albert J. Buday Civic Center
Ecorse, Michigan 48229-1798
Phone (313) 386-2520
Fax: (313) 386-4316
Official Website:

Population 11,229 Want to see your
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Sq. Miles 2.98
Form Govt. Mayor/Council
Meeting Alter Tue.,7:30pm
County Wayne
U.S. Representative District 15
State Senator District 7
State Representative District 25
Mayor Larry Salisbury 313-386-3371
Mayor Pro-Tem Theresa A. Peguese 313-386-2520 x 400
Council Julie Cox 313-386-2520
Arnold Lackey 313-386-2520
Brenda R. Banks 313-386-2520
Nathaniel Elem 313-386-2520
Jay Strassner 313-386-2520
Clerk Charles Hunter 313-386-2520
Assessor Robert Hellar 313-386-2400x216
Attorney Andrew Robertson 313-294-3719
Bldg Insp Carl Brown 313-386-3636x211
Controller Erwin Hollenquest
Finance Earl Hollingsworth
Fire Chief Ron Lammers 313-381-0720
Housing Lee Helm 313-381-9393
Library Dir Reginald Williams 313-389-2030
Police Chief George N. Anthony 313-294-3720
Public Works David Jacobs 313-386-2520 x701
Parks & Recreation Lottie Thomas 313-381-6734
Planning Danielle Kaun 313-294-3717
Senior Dir Shirley Godbey 313-382-3305
Treasurer Doris Young 313-294-3715
Water Melissa Hudson
26th Dist.Court Judge Michael Ciungan 313-386-7900
Escorse Board of Education

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