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Tenk u 4 visitin' mah homepage. Feel free to look around mah homepage. If u have ne questions pls feel free to ask me on the id names i provided or email me at


Name: Erick a.k.a. Erick

Location: Ghetto Heights, IL USA

Birthday: 24th of June 1983

Sex: Yes please (wut u think)

Status: Single

Star sign: Cancer

Nationality: 80%Filipino 20%Chinese

Profession: Electronic Engineering Technology but also wanted to take Multimedia Arts

Contact: U can hollah at me at erickjohnzapanta (AIM, MSN, Yahoo messengers)


First op all i'm shy type of a person. maybe at first but once u get to know me i can be talkative. so beware. 2nd i am kinda or sumwat funny. wut i mean is i tease ppl in a gud way. i am an outgoing person. i dont like staying at my crib. i can speak tagalog frequently even though i've been here in chicago for almost seven years since we talk tagalog at home. i was born and grew up in pinas for 13 years. i lived in diff locations in pinas. i lived in manila, quezon city, and pasig while i was in pinas. then i moved here in chicago.

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