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      since the beginning of time i have been taking my thoughts and feelings and reinventing them in comic book/movie form in my head. all the while making minor adjustments to the situations so when i relive them in memory i usually prevail somehow. i started looking for ways to make these transformed situations materialize somehow so i can remember them how i want to forever. i started making movies. currently going to school for that. i had started a zine called Creature Features a year ago. the zine focused mainly on B horror films and comics. though the book never took off i met some of the most interesting people through that experience. more recently i've had trouble sleeping. i started making up peculiar nursery rhymes (counting sheep is just too mainstream these days). and i'm sure you can understand where this is going. this spawned the poem Dorothy Doll which then progressed further into a story which i am currently making the comic for. the story will be a five book series ending with a film. and possibly beginning with one also. we'll see what happens. check back for films, comic updates and other information. and if you really feel like using the internet feel free to email me at thanks, sara