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Voting is still going on at the Blush Awards. So VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! :) And, voting has now begun at the Absolute Understatment Awards. So go vote. :) And once again.. My new story "Afriad To Fall In Love" is nominated for an award at the NSync Fiction.com Awards. *Cheers*! Oh man, this is great. If you would like to read the story, do so, by clicking on the Long Stories link. Buhbye! :D

Updated: August 2, 2005


Most Intense Scene - "What Is Love?"
Best Poem - "What Is Love?"
Laniyah's Choice - Diamond Love's Fan Fics

Best Short - "What Is Love?"
Best Drama - "What Is Love?"
Most Heartbreaking Good-bye - "What Is Love?"
Best Newcomer - Diamond Love @ Diamond Love's Fan Fics

Absolute Understatement Awards

Best Justin - "I Thought You Were The One"
Best Alternate Universe - "I Thought You Were The One"
Best Tearjerker - "I Thought You Were The One"

Intriguing Work In Progress - "Afraid To Fall In Love"

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