What Is Love?

I remember the first time I saw her. I remember it like if it were yesterday. It was a cold and cloudy day. Heck, it was even rainging like cats and dogs. Just an inside joke... I remember as me and the rest of the group quickly ran inside the building... That's when I saw her. She was the one that would be ths opening act for our first World Tour.

We took our time, as we all introduced ourselves. When it was my turn, I felt my knees weaken from her warm touch. She was a year younger than me. I was going on seventeen, while she was going on sixteen. I finally let go of her hand, but our eyes were still in contact. I remember, the minute that I looked into them, I fell. And I fell rock hard. And I couldn't help but wonder if she felt the same way about me too.

As time flew by, we clicked instantly. We were always together. Always laughing. Always talking. Always going out. It almost felt as if we were actually 'together'. I figured out many interesting things about her. By god, we seemed to have quite a lot in common. It was no doubt that this woman, was my destiny. She was the woman that every man could ever dream of. In my eyes, she was the perfect human being. She was becoming the high light of my life.

I remember when we first started dating... It was more than a year and a half, but we kept it quiet from the media and our fans. Though we knew, they weren't as stupid as we thought they might be. Sometimes, I even regret keeping it quiet for so long. People were naggin us, pushing us to keep the truth, but we never said a thing. I was too into her as our careers kept rising and rising. I remember one day, someone had asked me. "Do you love her?" I sat quiet, the question running through my mind like a broken tape recorder.

"What do you mean?" I remember asking him, trying to figure out what they were getting at.

That's when he said. "Are you in love with her?"

Love? What is love? I didn't know what that meant. I've never been in love. How could I possibly know what it means, if I never experienced it?

"No." I answered awkwardly. "I mean, I really really like her, but... I don't think I love her. Not that I know of." I looked at him for a minute. Concern and confusion expressed across his features.

"It's a shame that you're not in love with her." He looked at me for a minute, then said. "Cause she's truly in love with you." He smiled slightly and walked away.

Well, that was... Weird. I remember thinking to myself... Then before I knew it, it was two years. Two years of being with my angel. I thought everything was perfect. That everything was going great. But suddenly, everything slowly began to change. Our careers were interfearing with our 'perfect' relationship. We hardly saw eachother. We were always working. I couldn't stand the fact of being away from her for so long. I missed her like crazy. And she missed me too.

Then that's when it happened. We were ending what I believed, was our perfect relationship... I remember the day we were telling eachother our good-byes. I sighed softly, tears falling from my eyes, as I gently cupped her face in the palm of my hands. I looked at her sadly, as I captured her lips with mine. That is a kiss that I will never forget. Her lips were soft and sweet, as they slowly moved with mine. God, how I was going to miss her lips against mine. I was going to miss her laugh and her smile. Her eyes, her soft and gentle touch. I was going to miss her. My angel was leaving me. She was flying out of my life and never coming back.

Now that we aren't together, I seem to wonder how I truly felt about her. She didn't say good-bye the day we broke up. And now that I think about it... Neither did I. But why? I still couldn't explain my sleepless nights. My lonely days. The memories of us flashing through my mind... Then it hit me. Everytime I thought about her. All the nights I cried myself to sleep. Calling out her name in the middle of the night... I fell in love with her... I had actually fallen in love with her, and I never told her. I softly cried, as I realized my true love for her. I love her and she loves me too. I could tell her, maybe it's not too late...

I tried looking my best. We were at the JIVE party, so I knew she'd be there. Then I saw her. God, she looked absolutely beautiful. Her face shining brightly and her eyes glowing with happiness, as I slowly walked up to her. When she saw me, she froze. "I love you." I said, but her eyes quickly changed. She looked.... Sad. I handed her a sheet of paper. "Read it." I said. She was hesitating, as she unfolded the sheet of paper and slowly began to read it...

To the Love of my Life:

"Falling In Love"

At first, I couldn't explain what was happening to me... I didn't know what to do... I thought I was going crazy. Than I realized, that all this started happening, the day that I first met you... I began having these weird feelings. A tingle in my chest, butterflies in my stomach. I felt, as if I was floating. It was as if nothing could ever go wrong in my life. I began wondering if everything I was feeling, was because of love... The way your eyes sparkle, everytime that you are with me. The way you smile, such a sweet smile. I can't help, but let a smile cross my face as well... I came to realize that you were always by my side in the time of need. Whenever I was down, you were always there to comfort me. I knew then, that you had fallen in love with me. And everytime I kiss your lips, I am proud to say, that I fell in love with you too...

I love you, Justin

Her eyes quickly brimmed with tears as she finished reading it. She looked up at me and said, "Did you write this?"

I nodded my head. "Yes... Just for you." I smiled, as I looked at her. "I love you... More than anything... Can we try this relationship again?" I felt my heart break as the clear tears fell from her eyes. But my heart broke even more as I saw her shake her head 'no'.

"I'm sorry." She choked. "I've already found someone." She looked at me one last time. "I love you and always will." And walked away.

That was it. I no longer had love. My heart was completely shattered, tears falling from my eyes, as I watched her walk away. My love was gone. Gone forever. And I wanted to die right then and there....

And now, that I have told you everything, I bet you're wondering if I found out what is love? Yes... After almost 3 years. Yes, I did. And I will tell you, this is what love is......

"What Is Love?"

At times I used to always wonder... What is love? What is the real meaning of love? How does it fell, to be in love? I always used to ask myself these questions. Though I knew very well, what the answers to those questions were... To me, love has no other meaning, but to live forever. Love can be a precious thing in anybody's life. Yet, it can be very dangerous as well. Love can lead you to happiness and it can lead you to insanity... It's hard to understand the motions of love. It's hard to understand how it actually works... When you're in love, you feel a rush of joy raging through your entire body. You feel butterflies flying around in your stomach. You begin to think that every little thing is wonderful... That everything is beautiful... Everything just feels right... But, what happens when love turns around, walks away, and never says good-bye? When the one person you truly love, shatters your heart into a million and one pieces. What is it that you feel? Some people say it's undescribable. Some say there is no answer... When love turns it back on you, you feel alone... Asking yourself over and over, what went wrong... You begin to think of all the wonderful times you had together... How when those times, everything was perfect. Nothing else mattered to you... You were happy when it was just 'you and me'. You begin to remember the first time you met your special someone... You begin to remember, the first time they held your hand... The first time they gave you a hug. The first time they looked into your eyes... The first time you kissed... How the sparks flew and you felt yourself being lifted off the ground... Oh, how much you miss those days. How everything was so perfect... But, you remember now, that you're through, and those days are just memories that will live with you forever... Many people don't seem to understand, just how important love is... Without love, you would be missing out on so many amazing things. Love is important, no matter what the consequences or sacrifices are. Without love, you have nothing... Love is a part of life. Love is everywhere, in friends, family, neighbors, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, and wife. What is love? It's a way of life... It's about the good times and the bad times... It's about getting through all the bad times, but always remembering the good times... You know you're in love when the hardest thing to do, is say good-bye...

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