Chapter 9

* Friday night *

The students cheered loudy, as the band played their fight song proudly. It was the Homecoming football game against Northridge High. It was halftime and Orlando High was winning 45 to 12.

"WOO! Did you see Steve out there? Man, that boy has got some serious talent. I swear, if he keeps it up he can be drafted by the NFL."

Sylvia laughed, as she listened to what Jake had just said. She was really proud of Steven. Football was his life. His passion. His second love. She smiled, as she remembered what he told her. "You are my first love and nothing or nobody could ever overcome that."

"Hey yo guys, check out who just got here." Randy said, as they looked to see Shannon walking towards them.

"Dam, look at that shirt. If it gets any tighter, her boobs are gonna pop out." Jake laughed, although he kept staring at them.

"Hell, if that skirt gets any shorter, her fine tight ass will hang out... I mean, not that I'm complaining." Randy added.

"Why does she dress like that?" Jessica asked.

"To get attention." Sylvia answered, as she looked at her and Justin. "You two better get down there. They're getting ready to announce the winners for the Homecoming court."

"Good luck baby." Justin said, as he kissed Jessica sweetly on the lips.

Jessica smiled, as she and Justin made their way towards the field.

"Attention everyone!!! Here are the winners, chosen randomly by all of you, for your Homecoming Senior Prince and Princess... Remember, they have no idea they were nominated by their classmates... So, are we ready to surprise them?" All the students cheered. "All right... And the winners are... Steven Glover and Sylvia Garcia!!!"

Sylvia gasped, as she looked at her friends in complete shock. They smiled at her, congradulating her and hugging her. Everyone cheered, as she made her way towards the field. She smiled, her eyes brimming with tears as she saw Steven waiting for her, with an enormous smile on his face.

"God you're beautiful." He said, as the principal placed their crowns on top of their heads. "I love you." Steven said sweetly, a smiling tipping his lips.

"I love you too." She replied, as they kissed briefly. Everyone clapped and cheered again, as they walked towards the sideline.

"All right, here are the nominees for the Homecoming King... Chris Tolbert, Jason Sharp, and Justin Timberlake... And your Homecoming King is.... Justin Timberlake!!!" Everyone cheered, as the principal placed the crown on his head. "And now, the nominees for Homecoming Queen. Kelly Pierce, Shannon Clark, and Jessica Briggs... And your Homecoming Queen is............"

Justin stood quiet, as he closed his eyes, silently praying that Jessica would be chosen for Homecoming Queen.

"Shannon Clark!!!"

Everyone cheered, as Shannon walked up to the principal, as she smiled widely. "How do you feel now Justy, that your precious Jessica didn't win?" She teased, as they placed the crown on her head.

"Let's give a round of applause for your 2003 Homecoming Court!" Everyone clapped and cheered, as they took pictures of Sylvia, Steve, Justin, and Shannon.

"Congradulations sweetie." Sylvia said, as she gave Justin a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Congrats Shannon." She said quickly, as she went back to Steve's side.

"Yo, congrats Jay." Steven said, as he shook his hand.

Shannon smiled, as she watched Steve and Sylvia walk away. Her smile grew wider as she looked at Jessica, But before she could do anything, she saw Justin already walking towards her.

"Hey baby, congradulations." Jessica said, as Justin hugged her tightly.

"Thanks, but I wish you would have won." He said sadly.

Jessica laughed softly. "Hey don't worry about it... I'm not mad. At least you won, that's all that matters to me..."

Justin smiled, as he kissed her gently. "C'mon, let's go back and sit with the rest of the gang." He kissed her once more, as he held her hand and walked towards the stands.

Shannon sighed deeply, as she watched Justin and Jessica sit with Sylvia and the rest of the group. "I'll get you Jessica Briggs. Just wait and see." She looked at her angerly, as she walked out of the stadium and towards her car. <%=title%>

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