Chapter 8

"Yo, Timberlake and Briggs."

"Yeah dawg. Campus King and class nerd."

"Yo Shannon!"

Shannon stopped walking, as she turned around. She smiled as she looked at the person standing in front of her. "Hey Randy, what's up?" She said, as she looked at him.

Randy smiled as he inched his way closer to her. "Hey baby. when are we gonna hook up?"

"Excuse me?" She replied, still smiling.

"When are we gonna hook up?"

"Never." She answered, her smile growing wider. "You're really cute Randy, but I can't date you. You're my boyfriend's friend."

"Boyfriend?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "Since when are you and Jay back together?"

"Since the night of his party... We danced. We kissed and made up. Everyone noticed when we snuck upstairs into his bedroom. I'm sure you're smart enough to know what happened after that."

Randy laughed loudly, as he waved the rest of his and Justin's friend's over towards him.

"Hey what up Randy. Sup Shannon."

"Hi Jake." She said quickly.

"Yo yo Jake check this out man... Shannon says that she doesn't wanna hook up with me because her and Jay are back together." He laughed again.

Jake looked at Shannon as he started laughing loudly as well, the rest of the guys soon following.

"Okay, what the hell are you guys laughing about?" She asked angrily.

"Shan, baby... We all know you're top shit around here. But it looks like someone has beat you to the spot as Jay's girlfriend."

Shannon's face expression grew more stern as she listened to the words that came out of Jake's mouth. Her anger was at it's boiling point, when she turned to see Justin and Jessica talking at the other end of the hall. The other guys stood calmly as they watched the new couple kiss for a brief moment. Shannon took a deep breath as she turned on her heel and went the opposite direction.

Jake, Randy, and the rest of the guys laughed slightly as they started walking towards Justin and Jessica. "Hey what up J?" Randy said. "Hey Jessica."

"Hi guys." She said sweetly. "Well." She said, as she looked back at Justin. "I'm gonna go to class now."

Justin smiled, as he placed one more longing kiss on her lips. "So, what's up guys?" He asked, once Jessica was out of sight.

"So the rumor is true... You and Briggs are, do I dare say a couple?" Jake asked, as they started walking to their next class.

Justin smiled as his face turned red. They entered their Government class and Justin practically fell backwards as Sylvia jumped in his arms.

"Hey there beautiful. I'm happy to see you too." He laughed as he hugged her back, placing a sweet kiss on her cheek. "All right, now why is she so happy?" He asked Steve, as he sat in the desk next to him.

Steven laughed, as he watched his girlfriend sit in the desk in front of him. "She just found out about you and Jessica." He smiled, as he leaned over and placed a kiss on Sylvia's lips. "She's been bouncing off the walls ever since."

Justin smiled, as he shook his head. "Yeah, everyone's been in total shock. But it's all good. Haven't had any problems."

"Yet." Jake said, as the rest of the students settled into class.

"I take it Shannon found out right?"

Jake took a deep breath, as he looked at Justin. "Let's just say, she wasn't too trilled about it. Keep an eye on Jessica. You know how Shannon can get." He answered, as the teacher began his lecture.


"Sylvia! Sylvia!!!"

"What do you want Shannon?" Sylvia said, as she unlocked her car door.

"What the fuck is this I hear that Justin and Jessica are ... are ... are a couple?" She demanded angrily.

Sylvia sighed heavily as she turned to face her. "Yes, Shannon, they are dating. Yes, Shannon, he is actually over you. And yes Shannon... You aren't the only one nominated for Homecoming Queen."

"What?" Shannon asked sternly. "Are you saying that me and that four eye doofus are being nominated in the same category?"

"Actually, that's exactly what I'm saying. Be prepared to lose on Saturday night at the Homecoming Dance."

Shannon looked at Sylvia. "We'll see about that." She said with a smug smile plastered across her face. <%=title%>

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