Chapter 4

* Later that night, 3:35 am *

Sylvia's eyes slowly fluttered open, as she heard her cell phone vibrate on the night stand next to her bed.

"Hi beautiful..." The soft voice said, once she answered the phone.

"Jay?" She said surprised. "May goodness, it's three in the morning, is everything okay?" She asked concerned, as she slowly slipped out of her boyfriend's gentle embrace.

Justin sighed deeply into the phone. "I broke up with Shannon." He said softly.

"Justin..." She said slowly.

"Sylvia, I just had to... I knew our relationship wasn't going anywhere... The only thing that was still there was the sex, but that's it!" He took a deep breath, as he continued. "Beautiful, you should have seen me... I left Shannon's house in tears. I sat in my car for like ten minutes just crying and crying... I feel lonely." He said that last three words in a soft tone.

"Sweetie... It's normal for you to feel lonely. You and Shannon were together for almost four years. There's nothing wrong with feeling the way you do." She heard Justin sigh deeply. "Jay... Don't cry... It's only going to make yourself worse."

Justin sniffed softly, as a small chuckle escaped his lips. "That's why I love you... You know me TOO well."

Sylvia smiled slightly. "Ya I know." She said quietly. "Don't cry Jay... Don't make yourself sick. Don't let the same thing happen to you when you broke up with me... Do you remember what happened?" She asked quietly.

"Yes." Justin answered softly. More tears coming as he remembered what happened that awful night.

"Sweetie... Just relax, don't let this situation get to you... Just try and move on. If you want to keep talking to Shannon, then that's fine. Just don't let this get to you. I promise you that everything will be okay."

"Okay." He said, as he took a deep breath. "Thanks Sylvia."

Sylvia smiled sweetly into the phone. "Anytime."

"I love you."

"Love you too Jay." She said, as she hung up her cell and placed it back on her night stand.

"What happened with Justin and Shannon?" Steve asked quietly, as he felt Sylvia's body lie back next to him.

"It's over." Sylvia said quietly. There were no other words that needed to be said, except for those two single words.


* Monday morning *

Jessica sighed softly, as she walked to her music class. She held her books closer to her as she walked down the long hallway. She felt uncomfortable, as the other students in the hall looked at her. Their looks were just unbelievable. They looked at her with anger, hatred, and disgust. She stopped suddenly, as a group of guys stood in front of her.

"Nice going Briggs." One of them said.

"What the hell were you thinking, breaking up the most popular couple of Orlando High?" Another said.

Jessica remained silent, as she tried to figure out what they were talking about.

"Oh please like you didn't know Justin and Shannon broke up."

"I--I didn't know a-anyt-thing."

"Oh please, like we're really gonna fall for that. We saw you, EVERYBODY saw you when you left to lunch with him."

"H- He w- was t-the one w-w-who a-asked me. I-I didn't w-want to g-go."

"Is there a problem gentlemen?"

All the guys and Jessica turned, as they looked at Sylvia.

"No ma'am." One of the guys said quickly.

"Well, then I guess you better leave Miss Briggs alone and stop blaming her for Justin and Shannon's break up." Sylvia looked at them for a minute then said. "No guys, she didn't break them up... It was out of Justin and Shannon's own will." She replied calmly.

The guys nodded. "Sorry Sylvia." They turned to look at Jessica. "Sorry Jess." They said apologetically and walked away.

"Sorry about that. Guys can be such a pain in the ass sometimes."

Jessica smiled, as she slightly laughed. "It's okay." She replied sweetly.

Sylvia smiled, as she lifted her purse higher on her shoulder. "So, where you off too?" She said, as they both started walking down the hall.

"Music... Well, choir."

"That's cool... So, you're a singer eh?"

Jessica laughed lightly. "Well, I wouldn't say a singer... But I do sing."

"Don't worry." Sylvia laughed. "I understand what you're saying."

Both girls smiled, as they continued walking down the hall.


* Later that day *

"Do, re , me, fa, so, la , ti, do." Jessica sang softly to herself as she prepared her vocal cords.

"All right everyone. I know it's late, everybody's tired and you want to go home. But we must find out who will be the lead singers for the Senior play at the end of the year."

Everyone hushed, as they listened to their music and drama director. "All right... Jessica." Jessica walked up to the front of the stage. "Since Barry is ill, I had to find someone else to take his place in the audition."

The doors to the theater opened, as they turned around. "Ah and here he is now... Welcome Mr. Timberlake."

Jessica stood frozen as she watched Justin make his way towards the stage.

"Mr. Timberlake."

"Just call me Justin."

Jessica rolled her eyes as he jumped on the stage and stood next to her. "all right... Justin... Here's the lyrics... It's a short ballad and it will be sung by you and Jessica."

"Mr. Simmons, I refuse to sing." Jessica said quickly.

"But miss Briggs... You love to sing this ballad." The director looked at her confused.

"Yes, I know... But I refuse to sing with HIM!" She replied angrily, as she pointed towards Justin.

Mr. Simmons chuckled lightly. "Miss Briggs, you are one of my best singers and you as well as everybody knows that you will be the lead female singer. So please, just sing with Mr. Timberlake so we can determine who will play the part as the lead male singer."

Jessica sighed frustrated. "Very well."

"Good... Are you two ready?" Both Jessica and Justin nodded their heads. "All right... Quiet... Music..."

The soft music started playing softly around them, as everyone sat quiet and listened. Jessica slowly looked up at him, as the verse came closer. Justin was the first one to sing. He was smiling at her. 'I bet that jerk can't even sing.' She thought quietly to herself. But her eyes went wide as she listened to the words of the ballad come out of his mouth.

"Have you ever seen such a beautiful night?"

Jessica stood mesmerized as she listened to Justin sing the first line. She was so into it, that she even forgot to sing her part. The music stopped and Jessica was quickly snapped out of her daze.

"Miss Briggs... You forgot to sing your part."

"I... I'm sorry... I-- My m-mind went b-b-blank." She stuttered, her eyes never leaving Justin.

"Well, fill it up... Let's try again."

Justin smiled, as he looked at Jessica. The music playing softly again. Somehow, the way she kept looking at him, made him like his bet even more. Jessica cleared her thoart nervously as the music continued to play. She finally calmed down, as she waited for Justin to start.

"Have you ever seen such a beautiful night?"

"I could almost kiss the starts that are shining so bright."

"When I see you smiling I go, oh, oh, oh..."

"I would never want to miss this."

"In my heart, I know what this is."

"This is what dreams are made of..."

"This is what dreams are made of..."

"I've got..."

"Somewhere I belong."

"I've got...."

Both: "Somebody to love..."

"This is what..."


"Are made of..."

The music stopped, as everyone sat quiet. Mesmerized. They all loved it. Mr. Simmons stood up and walked towards Justin and Jessica. He looked at them and smiled. "You two are the lead singers for the Senior play at the end of the school year." <%=title%>

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