Chapter 3

"Hi, welcome to Star Bucks how can I help you?"

Jessica sighed uncomfortably, as the young lady took their order. She hated the feeling of being around him. Out of all people, why did Justin Timberlake have to invite her to lunch? Actually, she couldn't help but wonder, why all of a sudden the most popular boy at school was inviting 'her' to lunch.

"Hey." She heard Justin say, snapping her back into reality. "Are you all right?" He asked concerned.

"Yeah... I'm good." She said, as she quickly walked towards an empty table.

Justin sighed heavily, as he slowly made his way towards the table she was sitting at. This was going to be harder than he expected. Of all the ugly, dorky looking girls in the entire school, why did Steve have to pick her? He knew what kind of person she was. She was no where near his type. He knew her since grade school. She wasn't very appealing. She always wore glasses, no make-up, ruggy pants, and black net t-shirts. She was a complete mess in his opinion. But he had to admit, she was very smart. He remembered having her for Pre Calculus Pre AP last year. He passed with an 83, or B... But Jessica, she passed with a 98, or A+. No doubt she has the highest GPA in the entire Senior class. She was number one.

"Are you planning to eat or are you just going to sit there and look like an idiot?" Jessica snapped, making Justin regain his senses.

"Oh, sorry." He said quietly. "You know... You shouldn't be so mean to me."

"What makes you so special? Is there a reason why I shouldn't be?"

"Nothing. You have no reason to be mean to me." He said quietly, taking a sip of his French Vanilla.

"I don't like you." She answered bitterly.

"How can you not like me? I mean, you don't even know me." He took a bite out of his bagel, as he looked at her.

"I know who you are Justin Randall Timberlake." She looked at him angrily. "We've been in all the same classes since kindergarden. You think you're all high and mighty, just because you're popular. But in reality, you're nothing. Just a low life with a bitchy girlfriend and cocky friends."

Justin looked at her. His mouth slightly hanging open. He was shocked. He never knew she had so much hatred towards him. Why though? She was right about certain things. They did have all the same classes since kindergarden. Yes, he was popular, but he didn't think he was all high and mighty or whatever she called it. Yes, he did have a girlfriend who was bitchy. He knew that the minute she became popular. His friends weren't as cocky as she thought they might be. Out of all of them, he knew the only sweet and understanding one was his ex-girlfriend and best friend, Sylvia...

"I can see that everything I said was true."

"You can think whatever you want." Justin answered back.

Jessica looked at him angrily, as she ate and drank her French Vanilla, looking out the window, avoiding any sort of eye contact.


"Justin, what's the matter with you? You act like I don't even exist." Shannon said, as she looked at Justin angrily.

Justin sighed, running his hand through his hair. "I knew I shouldn't have came to your house. Especially with your parents out of town."

"Justin! What is the matter with you?" She grew angrier as he remained silent. "And what the hell is your problem, taking some other chick to lunch?! I'm your girlfriend Justin! Your girlfriend!!"

"Shut up Shannon!" He yelled angrily. "I'm so sick and tired of your shit! All you do is bitch and whine every single fucking day! What you need to do is pull the stick out of your ass and stop worrying about how popular you are! You're making me sick!"

Shannon stood silent for a moment, taking in her boyfriend's harsh words. Her eyes quickly brimmed with tears as she looked at him. "What's happening between us Justin? You never spoke to me like that before."

Justin sighed, as he slowly stood from her bed. "I'm sorry Shan... But this relationship isn't going anywhere." He looked at her for a minute. "It's over."

Shannon shook her head as she slowly walked towards him. "Don't say that." She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck, moving her lips to his ear.

"Shannon... Don't." He pleaded softly.

"You know you want me Jay." She said seductively, as she slowly nibbled on his ear lobe.

Justin closed his eyes, as he gasped lightly, as a small moan escaped his lips. "Oh god." He groaned loudly, as she slowly began to lick his ear. His moans grew louder by the minute. He loved the feeling, but he hated how she had this kind of control over him. But he couldn't let himself give in. He knew their relationship wasn't going anywhere. He still cared about her. After almost four years, why wouldn't he? But this had to come to an end. He was doing what was right. And of course, the bet that he had going on with his friends. He needed to work on it. It wasn't going like he wanted it to...

He slowly pulled away, as he noticed Shannon's hand traveling below his waist, towards the evident bulge. "I'm sorry Shannon." He pulled her hands away from him, as he slowly walked towards the door.

"What are you hiding from me Justin?" She asked sternly.

"Nothing." He lied, as he stood in front of her door.

"Don't give me that shit!" She said angrily. "It's Sylvia isn't? You're still in love with her! That's why you're breaking up with me! I knew I couldn't trust that stupid bitch!"

Justin's anger suddenly rose to it's highest level, as the last words came out of her mouth. "Don't you ever talk about Sylvia that way again!" He was now standing millimeters away from her face. "Yes, Shannon, I'm still in love with her. I will always love her. Everybody knows that! But, I'm not going to go back to her. No matter how bad I want to, I can't. I fucked up. I wanted to break it off with her. And believe me, that was biggest mistake of my life. She's happy with Steve. She loves him and he loves her. I know she'll be okay and that's all that matters to me." He took a deep breath as he continued. "I can't believe you would talk so much shit about her. After everything she's done for you. She was always there for you Shannon. Always. I can't believe you! You know what I think? I think you envy her."

"Stop reminding me how much she helped. I already know, that if it wasn't for her and you, I wouldn't be as popular as I am."

"Well, I'm glad to see you're coming around... Good-bye Shannon." With one last glance, he walked out of her room, closing the door behind him. With the door closed, he leaned the back of his head against it, taking a deep breath. He sniffed softly, as two single tears slipped down both his cheeks. "Good-bye Shannon." He said softly, as he walked out of her house. <%=title%>

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