Chapter 13

* Senior week *
It was the last week of school. Finals were going on today and tomorrow, Senior clearance, graduation practice, and on Friday was Graduation day. Including the Senior play, that would be held during the ceremony... So much to do in one whole week. But that didn't seem to bother Justin. He smiled widely, as he stepped into the school. Nothing could possibly go wrong... But his smile soon left his face, as he noticed the stares he was receiving from the other students. Anger stares, looks of disgust were plastered across all of their faces. Justin held his breath slightly, as he looked around the halls confused. He noticed Sylvia, Steve, and the other guys straight ahead. He looked back at the other students once more, as he joined his friends.

"Hey guys... Wha.. What's going on?"

Sylvia sighed deeply, as she looked at him. "She found out."

"Found out? Who found out? Found out what?"

"The bet Jay." Steven said, as he saw Justin's eyes grow wide in complete shock. "Jessica found out."

"H-- How did she find out?"

Jake cleared his thoart, as he began to speak. "Shannon over heard me, Steve, Randy, and Sylvia talking about it. And she quickly ran and told Jessica."

"Jessica came up to us and asked us if it was true. And me and Steve said that we knew about it."

"But I told her that it was my idea." Jake finished.

"Once Shannon told Jessica about it, she spread it around school."

Justin cleared his thoart nervously. His heart stopping slightly, as he felt a tap on his shoulder. With slight hesitation, he turned around slowly coming face to face with Jessica. His body grew stiff as stone, as his eyes met hers. The world had seem to stop. All eyes were on who everyone believed was the perfect couple. "Jessica.." He finally managed to say, after a long moment of silence.

"How could you?" She choked out, trying desperately to hold back the tears.

"Baby, I---" He stopped for a moment, trying to figure out what he could possibly say to make everything better. Though, nothing to seem to come to mind.

"How could you lie to me?" She began, her face turning red, as her anger grew. "You tell me you love me and then I find out that I was just a bet?!"

Justin looked shamefully towards the ground, listening, and taking in every word that escaped from Jessica's lips.

"I trusted you Justin. I trusted you with everything I had. I told you things about me, that nobody else knew. I let you into my life, believing that you would be different from all the others. I gave you my heart, my love, and my body." She shook her head, as the threating tears came rolling down her cheeks. "I gave you everything I had and what do I get in return? Hmmm? Nothing!! Absolutely NOTHING!!! You played me for a fool. You made me look like a dumbass. All I ever was to you, was a stand in. A poor man's wendy. I was just some hot pepper you found and do whatever the hell you wanted to with. You used me, made me believe that you actually loved me. But it was all a lie. It was all bullshit."

"Jess.." He said quietly, looking up at her. "I'm sorry baby." He choked out, tears falling from his eyes.

She laughed bitterly. "Sorry? Now you're sorry. BULLSHIT JUSTIN!! That's what I think about your sorries. Bullshit!" She yelled angerly. "I hate you Justin Timberlake. I despise you. You disgust me. The hell with you! The hell with everything you worship. Fuck you and the ground you walk on! Fuck everything that revolves around you. And most of all, FUCK YOU!!!"

Justin watched, as Jessica ran out of the building. His heart clenching, as her words echoed through his ears. The tears flowing, as he looked at his fellow classmates, their expressions of anger never leaving their faces.

"Dam it!! DAM IT!!!" He yelled, as he slammed his fist against the locker. "Why dam it! WHY?!?! GOD DAM IT JUSTIN! WHY?!?!" He screamed, as he fell into Sylvia's arms.

"Jay, calm down man." Steven said, as the bell rang. "Relax dude. We'll figure something out all right?"

"No." He said, as he pulled away from Sylvia's embrace. "I started it. I need to fix it." He said, as he walked towards his first class.


* Thrusday evening. Graduation practice *

"Yeah, one more day baby!" Jake yelled, as the students in the gym cheered.

Principal Carter smiled, as he stood up on stage, watching the students as they found their assigned seats. "All right Seniors, find your seats so we can begin." The students quickly settled into their assigned seats, hushing as the listened to Mr. Carter. "Today is the day, we begin to prepare for the special day. Graduation. A Graduation ceremony is suppose to be well organized. I know it may seem alittle boring to most of you, but it has to be done. The way you are seated is the way you will seated at the ceremony. So, are we ready to begin?" The students cheered, as Principal Carter laughed slightly. "All right, we're gonna start with walking up the stage and back to your seats, followed by the order in which they will call your names to receieve your diplomas. Now, let's begin."

Everyone stood up, as they began to prepare for tomorrow. Justin sighed softly, as he stood up. His eyes traveling towards the very front, where Jessica stood with the other Top 10 students. His eyes brimmed with tears, as he watched her walk up the stage, following Principal Carter's instructions. He missed her. He craved for her, to have her in his arms again. He had to do something to win her forgiveness. He needed to think of something to have her back. He only had one day left. Only one day.

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