Chapter 12

"All right ya'll, c'mon picture time!" Sylvia cheered, as they all stood in group, as their picture was taken.

"C'mon baby, let's dance." Steve said, as he pulled Sylvia onto the dance floor.

Jessica smiled, as she watched her two friends dancing on the dance floor. "I'm so glad that Steve and Sylvia got back together." She turned to look at Justin, a smile tipping both their faces.

"And I'm so glad that I found someone as wonderful as you." He said, as he kissed her sweetly. "I love you." He said sincerely. Jessica smiled, as she leaned forward and kissed him again.


"All right everyone, this is it. The announcement of your 2004 Senior Prom King and Queen."

The students settled down, as they waited for Principal Carter to continue.

"Your 2004 Prom King..... Justin Timberlake!"

Everyone cheered, as Justin made his way towards the front stage. "Yeah!!! Go Justin!"

"Justin! You go man!!!"



Justin smiled widely, as they placed the crown above his head. This was awesome, he thought to himself. He looked at Jessica, as he blew a kiss her way.

"And now, for your 2004 Prom Queen.... The winner...."

Everyone remained silent, as they waited to hear the principal's response. It was, as if they were waiting to hear the winner of the Presidential Election.

"Jessica Briggs!!"

Jessica sat blankly, as she listened to Principal Carter. Did he really say her name? Yes, he did say her name. She stood up slowly, as she made her way towards the front stage. The students cheering and whistling as they placed the crown above her head. She looked over at Justin, he was smiling widely, his eyes glowing with happiness.

"Now, it's time for the King and Queen spot light dance."

The lights dimmed, the students sitting quietly, as the sweet sounds of 98 Degrees echoed throughout the entire lobby. Jessica and Justin smiled, wrapping their arms around eachother, as they slowly danced to the music.

Shannon sighed angrily, as she watched them dance. Disappointed that Jessica had beaten her for Queen. But the scold and frown was immediately replaced with an evil smirk, as she remembered the bet that Jake was talking about.


*Later that night*

"Wow! I can't believe I actually won." Jessica said, as she and Justin entered the hotel room. Prom was over and now, all the Seniors were upstairs in the hotel rooms for the after party.

Justin smiled, as he closed the door behind them. "Yeah, but I'm glad you won. You're the most beautiful Queen I've ever seen." He replied, as he wrapped her in his arms.

Jessica smiled, as she slowly inched her face towards his. They lips, touching gently as they kissed in the dim light hotel room. Roses placed on top of each table, rose petals scattered on the floor and on top of the bed. Candles glistening, and soft love music echoing off the walls. It was a romantic moment, breathtaking to anyone who laid their eyes upon it.

The small kisses grew more passionate, Justin carefully placed Jessica on top of the bed. Bits of clothing falling from their bodies. Heat and passion revolving around them, want and need vibrating against the walls, and love from the two naked bodies joined together.


"Yes baby?"

Jessica sighed, as she looked him sweetly in the eyes. "I love you."

Justin's eyes closed, as he listened to those three words leaving her mouth. His heart was fluttering with joy. "I love you." He said, as he slowly inched his way inside her virginal walls.

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