Chapter 11

"Steve?" Sylvia said softly, as she looked at him carefully. Her eyes slowly brimming with tears once again.

"Hey baby." He replied softly, as he entered her room. "We need to talk." He said, as he placed the roses on top of her dresser. "Do you mind Jay?"

Justin sighed, as he looked back at Sylvia. He sighed again, as she nodded her head. He kissed her hands, and stood up slowly. "I'll call you later, okay beautiful?" He said, as he looked at Steve angerly and walked out the door.

Steven sighed deeply, as he slowly sat next to her. "I um... Wanted to apologize to you..." He started slowly. "I never meant to hurt you... I don't know what I was thinking..." His voice began cracking, his eyes brimming with tears, as he reached for her hands. "I've just been so confused lately. Finals, graduation, college... I started thinking that I wasn't going to have any time for you. So I decided to break it off."

"If that was the case, what did you lie to me? Why did you tell me, that you didn't know what you wanted. Why did you have to hurt me? Steve... I've never lied to you. I've always been honest with you... If you would have told me how you felt in the first place, we would have found a way to fix it."

"I'm sorry baby... I'm so sorry." He said softly, a small tear running down his cheeks. "These last three months have been hell without you. Complete hell. You were. You ARE the only one who can keep me controlled and level headed... Forgive me my love... Please. Please forgive me... Be my girlfriend again."

Sylvia sighed deeply, as she looked at him. "Okay... Okay." She said softly, as she let Steven fall into her arms. "I love you and always will."

"I love you and always will." He repeated, as he placed a soft, gentle kiss upon her lips.


* 2 weeks before graduation *

"I can't believe we only have 2 more weeks left?!" Jessica said, an unbelievable look plastered across her delicate face.

Justin smiled, as he looked at her. "And tonight, is our Senior Prom... We're gonna have the best time, I promise." He said, as he wrapped his arms around her.

From a short distance Shannon watched, as Justin and Jessica exchanged a kiss. Anger glistening in her eyes. She turned on her heel and started walking towards the enterance of the buliding.

"YO guys, tonight's the night." She heard a guys voice say. She stopped, as she stood behind the corner wall and listened. It was Jake, Randy, Steve, and Sylvia.

"Yo, do you honestly think Jay's gonna go through with it?" Randy said.

"It was a bet. You know Jay doesn't back down on a bet."

Bet? The word questioned in Shannon's mind as she kept listening. What bet are they talking about?

"Jay and Jessica have been going out for awhile now... I don't think he'll go through with it... He's too in love with her." Sylvia said, as Jake shook his head.

"The bet was to get together with Jessica Briggs and make her the most popular girl in school and making sure she gets homecoming and prom queen..."

Randy sighed deeply. "Man, she didn't get Homecoming Queen remember?"

"But Prom Queen is still left, she has a chance. And if she wins, Justin agreed to fuck her and dump her."

"JAKE!!!" Sylvia, Steven, and Randy yelled.

"Jake, Justin is not going to go through with the bet... He loves Jessica and he wouldn't do anything to hurt her."

Jake sighed. "I suppose... But, what if they do fuck, I mean that's still going through with the bet isn't it?"

Steven sighed. "It is in a way, but he's not going to dump her. If they do sleep with eachother, they'll do it out of love, not because of a bet."

"Just call off this whole bet thing. Jessica's our friend and so is Justin."

Jake sighed, as he looked at Sylvia. "Alright... It's off... Only because Jay and I are the best of buds." They all laughed, as they walked to their classes.

Shannon smiled, as she stepped away from the wall. "Well well... I guess I do have something to break them apart after all." She said, as she smiled evilly.

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