Chapter 1

"Hey, yo Jay, I' open!"

"Pass, pass, pass!" The coaches whistle blew once the ball went sailing through the hoop.

"All right boys! Pack it up! Then hit the showers."

"What was up in there man?"

"What are you talking about Siler?"

Jake smiled, as he and his friends stepped into the showers." Shannon be keeping you up all night?"


"Ya you know, is your girl that good in bed, that she's keeping you up late at nights?" Steven said, as the others agreed.

"Yea, whatever Steve." Justin said, trying to hide his blushingness.

Jake laughed. "Na, really though... Is she good?"

"You're asking me, if my girlfriend is good in bed?"

"Well, not just me... All of us are assuming." He said, as the others agreed.

"Don't assume things, then you're going to be making an ass out of you and me."

The guys laughed. "All right all right... But it's just a simple question... Is she good in bed?"

Justin sighed. "She's all right." He replied quietly.

All the guys nodded. "That's cool, that's cool." Jake replied, as they finished taking their showers.


"Hey Shannon."

"Hi Shannon."

"Yo Shannon, how's it hanging."

Shannon smiled, as she and her friends walked out of the school.

"Dam Shan, could you be anymore popular?"

Shannon smiled, as her and her friends walked out into the bright sun. "Awe, jealous are we?" She laughed.

"So Shan, how are things between you and your man? Sabina, her bestfriend asked.

Shannon smiled even wider, as she mentioned the most popular guy at Orlando High... Her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. "Absolutely perfect... I have that boy on a leash."

"I guess you know what to do, to keep him sane and utterly in love with you."

Shannon laughed, taking a seat on the picnic table, under a chest nut tree. "Of course... Just give him a few shots of hard liquor, alittle bit of beer, and sex... And he's under you command for all eternity." They all laughed.

"Do you love him?" Sylvia, one of Shannon's most popular friends said.

Shannon's smile disappeared. "Excuse me?" She asked, almost taken back.

"Shannon, it's just a simple question. Do you love Jay or not?"

"What kind of stupid shit is that?! Like you don't know the answer to that question already!" She replied angrily. Her snobby, bitchy attitude coming back. "Of course I love him!"

Sylvia shook her head slowly, after noticing Shannon's reaction to her question. The word love seemed to surprise her. Or even scare her. Even though Shannon said she loved Justin, Sylvia knew all to well that she didn't love him, like she said she did. Her new grown popularity had gotten the best of her. She was the most popular girl at school. Right next to her.

"Thanks to me and Justin." Sylvia said quietly to herself. "That's all that matters to her."


"Hey J, are you really going to stay dedicated to Shannon for the rest of your life?"

"I can if I wanted too." A small smirk crossed his face.

"Ya know, if it wasn't for you and my baby Sylvia, Shannon wouldn't be popular what so ever." Steven, one of Justin's most popular friends said.

"Ya I know." Justin said quietly.

Jake smiled suddenly. An idea popping inside his head. "We all know J can make any girl popular right?"

They all nodded in agreement, as Justin just listened.

"How 'bout we have ourselves alittle game of basketball?"

Justin suddenly stopped. "All right Siler, what kind of bet are you planning on now?"

The other guys chuckled lightly. Justin knew Jake all to well.

Jake smiled. "Turning the least popular, dorky, and ugly looking girl in school, into the Senior Homecoming Queen and Senior Prom Queen."

Justin looked at him dumbfolded for a second. Then a smug smiled crossed his face. "You got a deal... Just name the terms... But my man Steve gets to pick the girl."

All three men smiled, as they shook hands. "I've got the perfect girl." Steven said, as all their friends huddled together, discussing their plan. <%=title%>

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