Chapter 6

Justin sighed as he unlocked the front door of his house. He opened door and walked inside the dark house. He shut the door, locking it and headed upstairs to his bedroom. He turned on the light, throwing his keys on the dresser. He walked over to his radio and turned it on, as he collapsed on his bed.


Justin sighed. "Ugh, great." He said, as he jumped off his bed and walked out of his room. He reached the front door and opened it.

"YO J!!!" His friends yelled.

Justin laughed slightly, as he walked towards his friends. "Hey J, what's happenin' man?" Mike asked, as he chugged down his can of beer.

Justin sighed, as he sat on the hood of Trace's 2001 Blue Mustang GT convertible. "Not a thing."

Josh jumped out of the car and walked up to Justin handing him a can of Bud Light. Justin smiled, as he accepted it. "So, how was your date?" Josh asked, taking a drink of his beer.

"It was fun." He said, taking a sip of his drink.

"Fun eh? How fun?" Trace asked, wiggly his eyebrows.

"I just got to know her alittle better that's all." He said plainly.

"Ok ok... So where did you take her? The Tequila Sunrise Strip Bar?" Trace said, with a smug smile as the others joined him in laughter.

Justin rolled his eyes and looked at him. "No Jackass... I took her out to dinner." He said, taking a long drink.

Matt laughed. "Where, McDonalds!"

Justin rolled his eyes "Funny Wilkins... I took her to Le Tres De La Chance." He said, in his alittle French accent.

They looked at him surprised. "Dude, that's like the most expensive restaurant in town." Josh said.

"Yeah, so?" He said, getting alittle angry.

They raised their hands in defense. "Nah nothing... So, what did you all do after that?"

"Nothing... We just got to know eachother better. Then I took her home, said goodnight, and gave her a kiss on the cheek."

"On the cheek?" They said in unison. They looked at him, dumbfolded looks on their faces.

"Di di... Did I stutter?" He said sarcastically.

Josh shook his head." Sorry, It's just that, usually when you meet a girl, you always end up hooking up with her that same day and you start playing tonsil hockey with one another."

Justin rolled his eyes; he crushed his can and threw in the bag, inside Trace's car. He took another one and opened it, taking a drink. He sighed, as he looked up into the sky.. "I couldn't." He said, quietly.

Josh looked at him. "You couldn't what?"

Justin sighed heavily, and looked at Josh. "I couldn't ask her to be my girlfriend... I couldn't kiss her on the lips... Something inside me, told me to hold back... I dunno... It's just weird. I think I'm going crazy."

His friends sighed, as they looked at him. They studied his face, his expressions, his emotions. Somehow, he wasn't the same Justin. The Justin that would always think highly of himself. The Justin that would make moves on every girl he met. The Justin that would find a girl and hook up with her that very same day. The Justin that would cheat on his girlfriend. Justin. The player. Eric looked at him. "Maybe you shouldn't worry about it... Maybe you two will start going out and then you'll meet some other fine chick and cheat on her."

Justin looked over at Eric. He sighed heavily and looked up at the sky again. "If we were to be an item, I wouldn't cheat on her."

Their jaws nearly hit the floor. Their eyes popping out of their sockets. "Wh-- What did you just say?" Josh said, hoping that he wasn't hearing things, like the other guys.

Justin sighed and looked at him. "I wouldn't cheat on her if we became an item." He repeated.

Josh shook his head. He couldn't believe it. Never in his life did he imagine, hearing those words come from Justin. "Whoa... You've changed big time." He said, still surprised.

Justin shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever. I'm still the same Justin Timberlake." He said, taking yet another drink of his beer.

The guys shrugged their shoulders, as they continued talking and laughing. Justin laughed, as he talked with his friends. He sighed, as something came into his mind. He looked up at the sky. He smiled as he thought about Yana. The way she smiled. The way she laughed. The way she talked. He closed his eyes and pictured her. Her brown eyes sparkling. Her full rosy lips. Her figure, perfectly formed. Her hair, so soft. He opened his eyes and smiled, as her picture stayed fresh in his mind.,br>

* 1 week later *

Justin looked over at the clock. 1:30 p.m. He looked at his reflection. He wore his white K-Swiss shoes, baggy khakis pants, and an blue tank top. He sprayed his Curve cologne, grabbed his keys and walked out of his room. "Mom, I'm going out with the guys, see you at dinner." He yelled, to his mother. He walked outside and up to his car. He began to unlock the car door, as he saw, 2 cars pull up.

"Yo J, ready to go?" Mike asked. Justin nodded. "All right, let's go!" Mike said. Justin started his car, as he followed Trace's Mustang GT convertible and Josh's 2001 Lamborghini.

After a brief 20 minutes, they pulled into the parking lot at the beach. One of the girls at Manchester High was throwing a little beach party and had invited lots of people, including the popular boys. Justin and his friends. The guys stepped out of the cars, carrying 3 ice chests filled with beers and wine coolers. They reached the spot and set the ice chests down along with the others. Everyone quickly rushed to the ice chests and grabbed themselves some drinks. Justin sighed as he grabbed a can and opened it. He took a drink, as he looked for his friends. He spotted them, playing football with some of the semi-popular guys and girls. He sighed again and walked to the fire, that was set, a foot away from the ocean. He sat on the warm sand, drinking his can of beer as he looked out into the ocean.

"Well, well if it isn't Justin ‘Fuckin Player’ Timberlake."

Justin sighed angrily, as he looked up. His eyes burned with fire as he glared back at the person standing in front of him. "What the hell do you want?"

Justin rolled his eyes. "Do you think I care?" He said, sarcastically. He took a drink of his beer.

Gina smiled. She sighed dreamily. "He's such a sweetheart. He's handsome. He's built. And to mention... He's quite older than me... 23 years old to be exact."

Justin sighed frustrated. "Well, good for you I hope you marry him. Now PLEASE leave me alone." He demanded. He looked back at the ocean.

"Oh, I'd be happy to leave you.... ALONE." She giggled and walked away.

Justin shook his head angrily as he looked at Gina walking up to a guy. Probably, the guy she was telling him about, a few minutes ago. "Whore." He said. He took a drink of his beer and looked back at the ocean. He sighed, as he looked at his friends. He laughed slightly as he saw Matt talking to a girl. He smiled, as he watched him. He was laughing, a sign that he was flirting with her. Justin's heart nearly stopped when he saw the girl turn around. It was Yana. He looked intensively at Matt and Yana. A hit of jealously ran through his body, as he saw Matt wrapping his arms around Yana's waist. Justin throw his beer aside, he stood up and made his way to them.

Matt stopped laughing as he saw Justin walking towards him. He smiled. "Yo J! What's happenin' man?"

Justin stopped. An angry expression across his face. "Maybe I should I ask you." He replied angrily.

Matt looked at his friends, then back at Justin. "Uh--Hey J--You--You aight man?" Justin shook his head, he grabbed Matt's arm and pulled him away, leading him towards the ocean. "Yo J, what the hell is your problem man?"

"You!" He merely screamed. "What the fuck are you doing talking to her?" He questioned angrily.

"Hey man, I was just talking to her. There ain't nothin' wrong with that."

"Listen Wilkins. I better not catch you making moves on her aight? She's mine."

Matt looked at Justin. A dumbfounded look plastered on his young face. "What do mean she's yours? You two ain't going out."

"I know we ain't going out. But, I'm going to do whatever it takes to win her heart... So, let me tell one more time. Don't try anything with her. She's mine."

Matt nodded. "All right... Sorry J."

Justin smiled. "It's cool." Both friends laughed, as they walked back towards their other friends.


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