Chapter 4

* 2 weeks later *

Justin and his friends laughed as they all sat down in their seats as they entered their class. All of them had History together. They all settled down as the teacher walked in. "All right ya'll settle down... Please take out your notebooks, for we will be having another lecture today." Loud awes came from the students as they took out their notebooks, binders, and pens.

The teacher cleared his throat as he began. "All right... In the early nineteen twenties..." He began when there was a knock at the door. Justin and friends looked up as Mr. Matthews opened the door. "Ah, you must be my new student... Come in." He said, as he walked back to his desk. Justin and friends looked at the door intensively. Justin's heart nearly stopped when he saw someone walk inside the classroom.

Justin eyes followed her every move. Swallowing the knot that was forming in his throat. There was something about her that he had never seen in any other girl he's known. Her soft brown highlighted hair falling gently over her shoulders, her brown eyes shining brightly, her smile just made every man fall at her knees, her lips full and rosy, just waiting to be kissed, her body was perfectly formed, every curve on it was breath taking. She was extremely beautiful. Justin sighed heavily, his eyes never leaving her. "God, she's beautiful." He said softly, so nobody would hear him.

"Yana Lynn I believe." Mr. Matthews asked.

"Yes sir." She replied, smiling sweetly. Shills ran down Justin's spine when he saw her smile, something that no other girl would do. This one seemed to be different.

"Ok, take a seat. Right there in front of Mr. Wilkins."

Yana smiled, as she walked up to her desk in front of Matt. She saw him staring at her. She smiled sweetly, as she sat down. Matt smiled, as he leaned forward. "Hey, I'm Matt." He smiled.

Yana looked over her shoulder. "Yana." She said, turning back.

Justin looked intensively at Yana, as the teacher got back to his long and boring lecture.


* Lunch *

Justin watched Yana intensively, from the bench his was sitting at, along with his friends. They noticed Justin staring at the new girl. Josh smiled, and nudged him on the side. Justin shook his head and looked at his friends. "What?"

"Hey J, you feeling alright?" Trace asked.

Justin cleared his throat. "Uh... Ye... Yeah... Why?"

"Well, you've been checking out the new girl since 3rd period."

"N... No I wasn't."

Josh laughed. "Dude, calm down..."

"Sorry man, it's just.... Ugh, never mind." He said. He cupped his hands over his mouth and started breathing nervously.

The guys looked at each other than back at Justin. "Hey Justin?"

"What?" He said his eyes on Yana.

"Dude, if you stare at her any longer your eyes are going to pop out." Mike laughed, as the others joined in.

"Man, shut up." Justin said angrily.

The guys laughed. "Dude, just go talk to her." Trace insisted.

Justin sighed heavily. He slowly stood up and made his way towards Yana. He reached her, as Yana looked up from her paper she was writing on. "Hi." Justin said.

Yana smiled. "Hi."

"Mind if I sit down?" Yana nodded, as Justin sat across from her. "Um... My name is Justin. Justin Timberlake." He said, extending his hand.

Yana smiled. "Yana Lynn."

Justin smiled. "Hey your last name is the same as my mom's first name." Yana laughed. "Um, listen Yana... I know we just met, but... I was wondering. Do you wanna go out Friday night?"

Yana smiled. "I'd love to."

Justin's heart jumped with joy. "Really?" Yana nodded. Justin smiled. "Great!" Yana wrote her number and address on a piece of paper, she handed it to Justin. "I'll see you Friday?"

"Most definitely." Yana smiled. Justin smiled, as he walked back to his friends.

"So, what happened?" Josh asked.

Justin smiled, as he looked back at her. "I gotta date Friday night." The guys cheered, as the bell rang. Justin sighed, as he saw Yana pick up her things and walk back inside the building. He smiled once more, as he followed his friends inside the building.


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