Chapter 2

It was lunch time. Students were walking around, playing basketball, and eating lunch. And then came the popular boys. Justin, his best friend Josh, his friends Trace, Steve, Mike, Eric, Matt, Nick, Kevin, and Robert. They walked to a bench. Justin, Josh, Trace, and Eric sat down. Steve and Mike were kneeling on the cement, as Nick, Kevin, and Robert stood, resting one leg on the bench.

"Hey J, where's Kim?" Josh asked.

"How the hell should I know." He said rudely.

"Well, cuz she's your girlfriend."

"Was my girlfriend." Justin corrected him. "I broke up with her today."


"Cuz, she was too jealous. I hate girls like that."

"Was there a reason for her to be jealous?" Kevin asked questionably.

Justin sighed, rolling his eyes. "She got all pissed off, cuz she saw me kissing Gina at the party Friday night."

Josh sighed angrily. "Man, what have I told you about that? You need to cut that shit out."

"Hey, I can't help it if every beautiful girl in this school has the hots for me."

"That's not what I'm talking about Justin. I'm talking about you being a player."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Everything... You need to stop that Justin.. Every girlfriend you had, you played them... Kelly, Jessica, Isabel, Mandy, Jennifer, Linda, Britney, Julie, Amanda, Jackie, Natalie, Leslie, Melissa, Ashley, Becky, Patty, Debbie, and now Kim!"

"Ok Josh, cut the shit! I don't wanna hear it!" Justin sighed.

"For reals man, that shit needs to stop." His friend Trace implied.

"Hey man, have you noticed that every girl still loves me, even though I'm a player." Justin said. He saw a couple of girls walking in their direction. They looked like freshman. "Watch." He said. His friends looked at the girls passing them.

"Hey ladies. My are we looking fine today." Justin said. He flashed his handsome smile, nodding his head back and forth.

The girls giggled, as they quickly ran to meet their other friends. Justin and his friends looked at the girls. The girls giggled as they saw him looking at them. They waved at him. Justin waved back, blowing a kiss at them. The girls giggled again as they walked back inside the building. Justin smiled as he looked at his friends. "See, what did I tell you." The guys laughed, as they agreed.

"Ooh oh, look who's coming." Eric said. They all looked ahead as they saw Gina walking up to them.

Gina Smith. The prettiest and most popular girl at Manchester High. "Hi guys." She said, as she approached them.

"Hey Gina." They said, as they each gave her a hug.

Gina smiled. "Hey Justin." She said, smiling widely.

Justin smiled, as he stood up. "Hey sexy." He said, wrapping his arms around her waist. Gina giggled as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "So, are you going to Chelsey's party Friday night?"

Gina smiled. "Of course... Mind if I ride with you?"

Justin shook his head. "It's all right with me." He looked at his friends. "About you guys. Is it all right that Gina's rides with us to the party on Friday?"

"Hey, it's fine with us." Steve said. The others agreed.

Justin smiled, as he looked back at Gina. "Okay, everything's set." Gina laughed slightly.

"All right, well, I'll see you Friday." She said. Justin smiled as he leaned in and kissed her deeply. "See you later." She said. Justin smiled, as he kissed her once more. They pulled apart. Gina smiled, as she walked away. Justin grinned as he walked back to the bench.

"So, what's going on between you and Gina?" Mike asked.

Justin smiled. "Let's just say, at any moment, she'll be eating out of the palm of my hand." The guys laughed. All, except for Josh. "Yo, Josh you all right man?"

Josh shook his head. "She'll be eating out of the palm of your hand huh? Then, you'll meet some other chick cheat on her like you did with the others."

Justin shook his head. "Whatever Josh." They pushed the subject aside and continued talking throughout the lunch period.


* Friday night. At the party *

"Hey J, want anything to drink?" Josh asked, looking at his best friend.

"Whatever you get I'll have man."

Josh nodded. "How bout you Gina?" He said, looking at Justin's 'new' girlfriend.

"Anything that you get is fine with me." She smiled sweetly.

Josh smiled and walked away. Justin looked over at Gina and smiled. "Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?" He said, caressing her cheek.

"Actually, no you haven't." She smiled, looking into his eyes.

Justin smiled, as he leaned forward placing his lips on top of hers. Her kissed her passionately, stroking her hair. They pulled apart, as Josh came back with their drinks. Justin looked onto the dance floor in the backyard. An enormous smile spread across his handsome face, as he saw a beautiful girl dancing with a group of friends. Justin kept his eyes on her, she looked about the age of 18, his age. Her eyes shining, her hair waving slowly back and forth as she danced, her slim model like legs moving with the flow of the music, her upper torso just blew him away, a great figure, her lips were full, just waiting to be kissed. She looked at Justin. She smiled and winked her eye. Justin looked over at Josh and Gina. "I'll be back." He said, as he stood up from his chair by the pool.

"Where are you going?" Josh asked, taking another sip of his beer.

"Uh... I gotta tell Trace something."

Gina stood up and kissed him deeply. "Hurry back." She whispered and kissed him again.

Justin smiled and walked onto the dance floor.


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