Chapter 10

* 7 months later *

"DAMN IT JUSTIN, JUST STOP IT WILL YOU!!!" Yana yelled, one afternoon at her house.

"Yana, please clam down... What's the matter with you?"

"Nothing I'm fine!!!!"

"Then why are you yelling?"


Justin sighed. "Yana, please.. Tell me what's wrong?"

Yana shook her head angrily. "Nothing..."

Justin sighed. "You think I'm cheating on you don't you?"

Yana looked at Justin. She nodded.

Justin shook his head sadly. "Baby, we've been going out for 7 months... What makes you think I'm cheating on you?"

"Every time your talking to a girl... I always see you laughing and touching her arm."

Justin shook his head. "Baby, I promise you that I'm not cheating on you."

Yana laughed sarcastically. "Oh, like I haven't heard that before."

"Yana... You know I've given up my player ways... I ain't like that anymore sweetie..."

Yana sighed. She turned around and ran up to Justin wrapping her arms around his neck. Justin laughed slightly, as he brought his arms around her waist. "I'm sorry J."

Justin smiled. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead. "It's ok." He cupped her face within his hand and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. "Now, will you promise me that you'll stop thinking like that?" She nodded. Justin smiled. "Good, now c'mon let's go to the beach, the guys and Lauren are waiting for us." Both smiled, as they walked hand in hand out of the house.


"Well, here comes Manchester's Royal Couple... Justin Timberlake and Yana Lynn." Matt laughed, as Justin and Yana made their way towards them.

"What can I get for you? Your Royal Highness." Lauren laughed, as she bowed in front Yana.

Both Justin and Yana laughed. "C'mon you guys, cut it out." Everyone laughed, as they settled down on the warm sand.

"So what you think guys.... Prom is next week... And then, 2 weeks after that... We graduate." Matt said, taking a sip of his bottle of beer.

"For reals dawg... It feels like if only yesterday I was a freshman." Josh said. They all laughed.

"So, J... When are you and Yana gonna tie the knot? Matt asked, jokingly.

Yana and Justin looked at each other wide eyed. "Um, it's a bit early for that kind of commitment, don't you think Wilkins?" Justin said.

Matt laughed. "Hey, I was just playin with you dawg." Everyone laughed as they continued to enjoy the rest of the night at the beach.


* A week later *

"Yo, this prom kicks ass dawg!!!!" Matt yelled, as he and his date Lauren walked in. Behind them, Josh and his date Kristie, Robert and his date Nicole, Trace and his date Jessica, Kevin and his date Ashley, Mike and his 'new' girlfriend Paulina, Eric and his girlfriend Michelle, Steve and his date Destiny, Nick and his girlfriend Kelly, and lastly Justin and Yana.

Once Justin and Yana entered the hall, everyone quickly greeted them... Justin and Yana were known as the cutest couple in all of Manchester... And The first longest relationship Justin ever had.

They all walked onto the dance floor. They started dancing as the music echoed through their ears. Just as they finished, Senior Class President Shelly Reid walked up to the mic.

"Aight ya'll listen up... Right now, we're going to have Justin and the popular boys dance to a song they've been preparing for since the beginning of the year." Everyone cheered, as they all formed a huge circle around the dance floor, Justin and his gang walked to the center as they got ready. The took off their jackets and threw them on the table that their were sharing with their dates. "All right!!! Class of 2002, here's Justin Timberlake and his gang!!!!" Everyone cheered, as the guys took their positions as the music started.

"Yo See, it's rare that you find people like us Cause all ya'll other(look) out there doin' what I'm doin Or tryin' to do what I'm doin', But you can't Cause I do what I do my way What about you Huh, huh! Come on!!!"

Everyone began to cheer as Justin and friends started dancing.

"I do And and everything you want to Make your girl say ooh-ooh Why's he so fly She beeps me, whenever she wanna get freaky You can get mad if you want, say whatever you want But she still gon give it up

She likes it my way, my way My way, you can't satisfy her needs She keeps running back to see me do it My way, my way What I say goes, and I'm in control"

After the next 2 -3 minutes, the song was over. The guys bowed as everyone continued cheering... Soon, Shelly came up to the mic again. "All right, ya'll let's hear it for Justin and the gang!!" They cheered. "Okay, now it's time to present this years Prom King and Queen..." Everyone stood quiet as Shelly read off the envelope.

"Your 2002 Prom King is........... JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone cheered and whistled as Justin made his way towards the front. The principal placed the crown on his head. They all cheered again.

"Okay... Now, as you all know... There were two girls nominated for Prom Queen... Gina Smith and Yana Lynn." They all whistled. "Here are the scores.... 54% to 46%..... Your 2002 Prom Queen is....


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