Chapter 1

"Why did you lie to me Justin?" Kim asked, looking at her boyfriend questionably.

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh don't give me any shit Justin... You know exactly what I'm talking about."

"Seriously honey... I have no freaking clue."

"I'm talking about you and that other girl I saw you with!"

"What the hell are talking about Kim? What other girl?"

A sarcastic laugh escaped through Kim's lips. "Oh please... Like I didn't see all over that girl at the party Friday night."

Justin looked at his girlfriend. His angry eyes glaring into hers. "So.. What's wrong with that? Are you telling me that I can't have any friends that are girls?" He said coldly.

"If you're gonna be playing suck and blow with every girl you meet, then I don't want you to have any friends that are girls."

Justin laughed. "Oh, so is that what this is about?" He looked at her. "Are you upset because I gave her a kiss?"

"A kiss?" She laughed sarcastically. "That wasn't just a kiss honey."

"Yeah it was."

"Please Justin... It looked like you were gonna detach your jaw and swallow her whole."

Justin sighed. "I'm not going to argue about this." He closed his locker and leaned the back of his head against it.

Kim looked at him. "Justin?" She asked quietly.

"What?" He said, his blue eyes looking at her.

"Will you promise me something?"

"Yeah sure, what?"

"Will you stop being a player?"

Justin looked at her. He laughed. "Sorry babe, but I can't promise you that." He shook his head still laughing.

"Why not?"

"Because... I love meeting new people... I can't stay with just one girl, I have to have more than one.." He smiled.

Kim's eyes brimmed with angry tears. She rose her hand and quickly slapped him across the face. Justin's head whipped to the side. He lifted his head from the locker, his blue eyes glaring into his girlfriend's hazel eyes.

"Dam it Kim! What the fuck did you do that for?!" He asked coldly and loudly, rubbing the side of his red cheek. All the students in the hall stopped what they were doing, as they looked at the couple. They quickly formed a circle around them.

"Because you deserve it! You stupid asshole! How could you? After everything that I did for you!"

"Well, shit Kim you didn't have to fuckin slap me!!!"

"Oh, don't even go there!!! You disgusting piece of shit!!!!!

"You know what Kim... I think we should call it quits!"

Kim stood frozen. Her hazel eyes looking at Justin. Tears began to run down the side of her cheeks. "Wh-- What?" She asked. Her heart clenching.

Justin sighed, as he looked into the sadden eyes of his 'soon to be' ex girlfriend. "I think we should call it quits."

Kim shook her head. Her blond hair waving back and forth. "No, Justin... Please. I love you"

"Sorry, but I can't have a girlfriend who's going to be jealous and not let me do whatever I want."

"I thought you loved me?"

Justin laughed. "Me love you? Honey please... What makes you think I would love someone like you?" Loud moans came from the students as they watched them.

Kim glared at him. "You stupid asshole." She hissed.

"You know what? I don't have to listen to your insults and bad mouth. Your not my girlfriend anymore." He lifted his back pack higher on his shoulder and started to walk away.

Kim sighed, tears slipping down her cheeks. "I thought you were the one."

Justin stopped and looked back at her. "Well, you're not the one for me." He turned around and made his way to class.  "Women..." He said rolling his eyes, as he walked into his class.

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Chapter 2