Sometimes, I see myself walking down the street alone. Nothing could be heard. Nothing could be seen. Silence surrounds me, as I kept my steady pace down Main Street. I imagined my life would always be filled with great memories and many accomplishments. I imagined it would be filled with laughter and joy. Even love. I see now that it is impossible. For my life is nothing but a fork in the road. A waste of space. I've been living the life of fame and fortune. A life far different, from any other 20 year old man. Why is it, that the most terrible things, happen to the people with fame and fortune? I ask myself, why did this have to happen to me? Why must I be punished like this? What is it that I have done? Those answers, I may never know.

Justin sighed, as placed his pencil down on his desk. He brought his hands up to his face, gently rubbing the temples of his head. He looked down at the paper he had written on, his eyes instantly brimming with tears. He buried his head in his hands. He sobbed quietly, as he sat alone in his office, of his 2 story mansion. <%=title%>

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