Chapter 9

* 1 week later *

"Hey J, c'mon let's get going." JC yelled, as he stood at the bottom of the stairs. Minutes later, a happy Justin came jogging down the stairs. "Well, aren't we happy today." JC laughed, as he and Justin walked out of the house.

"I am man." He said, as they stepped into the limo.

"You are what?" Chris asked, as the limo sped down the street.

"He's happy." JC said.

"Why... It's just a concert." Chris laughed.

Justin rolled his eyes playfully. "I know it's just a concert idiot... But, I'm happy because Sabina is going to be there."

Chris looked at Justin. A dumbfounded look plastered across his face. "But... B is always at our concerts."

"I know... But, I have a surprise for her."

"Ooh, what's the surprise?" Both JC and Chris asked.

Justin smiled widely. "You'll see."


"Justin? JUSTIN!!!! GET OVER HERE!!!" Johnny yelled.

Justin jumped, when he heard Johnny yelling out his name. He passed the basketball to JC and ran towards him. "What's up Johnny?" He asked. He swallowed the knot in his throat, as he saw the angry look plastered on his face. "Johnny? Wha-What's wrong?"

"Where's Sabina?"


"Where's Sabina." He asked sternly.

"She's in her dressing room."

Johnny shook his head. "We already checked... She's not in there."

"What?!?!" Justin gasped. He shook his head, as he quickly ran towards Sabina's room. "B... B, open the door!!" Justin yelled, pounding his fist against the door. When he didn't hear anything, he opened it. He sighed, as he noticed that no one was in the room. He closed the door and walked around the backstage area. He stopped, as he heard Sabina's manager talking into the mic.

"We're sorry to report that... Tonight's opening act... Will have to be cancelled."

Justin shook his head, as he kept searching for Sabina. "Justin..." Justin turned when he heard Sabina's manager calling his name. "Justin... Do you know where Sabina is?"

Justin shook his head. "No... I'm looking for her also."

"Ok... Please find her." She said, as she walked back towards the stage.

Justin sighed. He walked into the dressing room. He stopped, when he saw a sheet of paper, taped to his mirror. He slowly walked towards the mirror. His eyes went wide, as he noticed the handwriting. It was from Sabina. He grabbed the paper and read it quietly to himself.


Hey baby... I bet you're wondering why I'm writing you... I just want to tell you... That... I love you... I love you with all my heart J... You're the best thing that's ever happened to me... And I thank god everyday for sending you to me... But... I'm afraid that... This relationship can not last... I'm so sorry Justin... I love you.... Good-bye....


Justin closed his eyes tightly. Tears streaking its way down his cheeks. "No… No no no no no...” He dropped to his knees, as he sobbed quietly to himself. <%=title%>

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