Chapter 8

* 3 months later *

Justin smiled, as he and the rest of the guys walked towards the backstage area. The fans going wild. It had been 3 months since Justin's cancer had returned. But now, everything seemed to be going just fine. His cancer was in remission and his chemotherapy treatments were over. The guys were happy for him to be back and well. The tour had started once again. The fans were excited to see Justin and the guys once again. They entered backstage and walked towards the stage, where everything was getting set for sound check. "All right guys, 5 minutes before check." Yelled, the stage director. The guys nodded, as they talked for awhile.

                "Hey guys!" They all turned, to find Sabina walking towards them.

                "Hey B!!!!" They all replied happily. Sabina smiled, as she walked up to them, giving them each a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

                Justin smiled, widely as he walked up to her. "Hey love." He said, wrapping his arms around her. He smiled, as he brought his lips to hers; planting a soft, sweet kiss on her lips.

                "Awe, I knew you two would end up hooking up." Joey smiled, as everyone agreed. Both Justin and Sabina laughed. Holding each other tightly. Ever since that night Justin had told her about his sickness and the intimate kiss that they shared, they've been together since then. As friends and as a couple.

                "All right guys, it's time." Yelled the director. The guys nodded as they headed towards the front of the stage.

                "See you later." Justin said, he smiled. He kissed her once more and ran up to the guys. Sabina laughed slightly, as she walked backstage. She smiled, as she walked into her dressing room. She sighed, as she searched through her wardrobe, finding an outfit for tonight's show.


* Later that night *

            Sabina smiled; as she watched the guys dance and sing the final song of the show. She smiled widely, as she watched Justin dance wildly to "Bye Bye Bye". She clapped as the finished. She laughed slightly, as she quickly walked back to her dressing room to retrieve her belongings.

                "Hey B!!!" Sabina smiled, as she saw the guys running by her dressing room.

                "Hey guys." She said, as she walked out of her dressing room. She walked by their room, when she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist. She squealed, as she looked at the person in front of her. "What are you doing?" She asked, sweetly.

                Justin smiled, as he pressed his lips against hers. "I just wanted to give you a little kiss." He said, bringing his lips to hers once again.

                Sabina giggled softly, as she kissed him again. "Now, go take a shower and change. We're leaving in 45 minutes."

                "Tay." He said. He kissed her one more time. "I love you." He smiled.

                "I love you too." She said, as she walked towards her bus. Sabina smiled, as the fans went wild. She walked up to a group of fans, her body guard right behind her, as she signed a couple of autographs. She smiled, as she stepped into her bus.


            "So, how you feeling?" Sabina asked, as she sat at the back of her bus. She and the guys were already on the road to the next city. Her bus, behind NSync's bus.

                Justin smiled, as he walked towards the front of his bus, so he could be alone. "I feel great." He said happily.

                "That's good to hear." She yawned slightly, the sleepiness slowly taking over her body. "Hey sweetie, I'm gonna go to sleep now."

                Justin smiled. "Okay sweetie... I love you."

                "I love you too."

                "Nite." He said, as he pressed the end button. He sighed, as he walked over to his bunk, grabbing a pen and a notebook. He walked back towards the front. He took a seat on the long couch, as he looked out the window. He smiled, as he looked into the night sky. The stars shining brightly. He leaned his head against the glass of his mind wondered with the thoughts of Sabina. How could he have never trust her, after all she's done for him. She was always there for him. Just like she said she would be. She took care of him when he was at home sick, from his sickness and chemotherapy treatments. He sighed, as he opened his notebook. He had to do something to make it up to her. He smiled, as he began writing, sitting quietly by himself. <%=title%>

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