Chapter 6

"JUSTIN!!!" JC yelled, as he and the others ran to his side. The fans were sobbing as they saw their favorite member collapsed onto the floor. JC and Joey lifted him up and carried him backstage.

"What happened?!?!" Johnny asked, as he ran up to them.

"It's Justin! He passed out... We have to get him to the hospital!!!" JC cried. Minutes later, the ambulance arrived. They quickly placed Justin on the stretcher and hurried him onto the ambulance. "Johnny, go with him... We'll explain to the fans and meet you there." JC said. Johnny nodded, as he hoped on the ambulance and headed towards the hospital.

"JC?" JC stopped, as he saw Sabina walking up to him. "JC, what happened?" She asked, concern filling her voice.

"Oh my god B..." He said, short of breath.

"JC, what happened?" She asked, trying to calm him down.

"It's-It's Justin." Sabina's eyes instantly went wide. "He passed out on stage... Johnny took him to the hospital."

Sabina placed her hand over her mouth. Her eyes brimming with tears. "Oh my god."


Sabina pushed the doors open, as she ran to the front desk of Providence Memorial Hospital. "Excuse me miss, what room is Justin Timberlake in?"

The nurse checked the computer. "And, what are you to him?"

"His friend... Sabina Sullivan."

The nurse smiled, recognizing who she was... "Oh yes Miss Sullivan... He's on the 3rd floor, room 306."

"Thank you." She said, as she quickly stepped onto the elevator. The doors opened, and she quickly ran out... "300, 302, 304, 306.... 306!!!!" She quietly opened the door and found Johnny sitting in chair, beside the bed. "Johnny?" She said softly.

Johnny looked up. A small smile appearing on his face. He quietly stood up and walked towards her. "I'll leave you alone with him." He said, he gave her a small hug and walked out of the room.

Sabina sighed, as she slowly walked further into the room. Her eyes instantly brimmed with tears, as she saw Justin lying on the bed. She placed her hand over her mouth, as she looked at him. He looked so fragile. His face was pale. His lips were a light shade of purple. He looked so helpless. She slowly walked towards him, tears slowly slipping down her cheeks. She slowly leaned over. "Justin? Hey cutie... It's me." She said, as she started crying softly.

"B?" He said, as his eyes fluttered open.

Sabina gasped happily. A smile appearing on her lips. "Yes Justin... It's me." She said, tears slipping down her cheeks.

Justin sighed, as he slowly brought his hand up to her cheek. "I'm so sorry B." He said softly.

"Shh, it's ok... Don't worry about it." She said. Both Justin and Sabina turned as they saw the door open.

"Hey J, how ya feeling?" It was JC, Chris, Joey, Lance, and Johnny.

"Weak... But all right." He said, softly. Seconds later, the doctor walked in.

"How we feeling Mr. Timberlake?" The doctor asked.

"All right, just very weak." He said.

The doctor sighed. He nodded his head slowly, as he turned to Johnny. "May I have a word with you Mr. Wright?" Johnny nodded as he and the doctor stepped out of the room. They walked, a little further down the hall and stopped. "Mr. Wright, you are aware of Justin's condition is that correct?"

"Yes, doctor."

The doctor sighed. "I'm afraid to say that... It's returned."

Johnny looked at the doctor. Making sure that what he heard was correct. "His... Sickness has... Returned?"

The doctor nodded his slowly. "We have to perform surgery to remove it. Then, he must start his treatments again."

Johnny shook his head, as he took a seat on the chair by the wall. He buried his head in his hands. "Oh god.... Not again."


* 3 days later *

Justin sobbed quietly, as he sat alone in the hospital bed. He looked out the window, tears streaking down his cheeks. He turned, when he saw JC walking inside the room. "Hey buddy." He said, as he walked towards him. Justin whipped his eyes, as he laid back on the bed. "Are you ok?"

"Am I ok?" He replied. "How the hell do you expect me to be ok, after what I heard!!!" He yelled, his eyes filling with tears once again.

"I know J, I know how you feel.."

"No!" He snapped at him. "You have no idea how I feel right now... You have no idea how much pain I'm going through... How much my life sucks!!! So, don't you say you know how I feel... Because you don't!!!!" He cried. JC sighed, as he whipped away a tear that was streaking down his cheek. "You don't know how much my life sucks right now... How much I hate being here and going through all this pain..." He sobbed quietly. "I-I don't know what I did to deserve this.." He said, softly.

JC sighed, as he sat next to him on the bed. "Hey buddy... I know you hate being here and that you hate going through all this pain... But you need to calm down... You just got operated yesterday... Don't stress yourself." He said, trying to comfort him. JC sighed, as he looked at Justin. It hurt him so much to see him like this. It hurt him to see him going through all this pain again. "Hey J?"


"What about Sabina?"

Justin looked at him. Slowly swallowing the knot forming in his throat. "Wha-What about her?"

"Are you going to tell her about this?"

Justin shook his head. "No.. No no no no I can't... I-I can't tell her."

"Why Justin?"

Justin sighed, his eyes brimming with tears once again. "Cuz... I-I love her JC." JC's eyes went wide. "I love her more than anything in the world." He sobbed quietly.

"Justin... If you love her like you say do, you need to tell her."

"I can't JC... I mean... What if she doesn't like me that way."

JC smiled. He knew that Sabina liked him. But, Justin had to find out for himself. "The only way to know is to find out for yourself."

Justin looked at him. He nodded his head in agreement. "When am I going to ask her? I-I can't ask her here in the hospital."

"Ask her, when you get out of the hospital." He suggested.

Justin looked at him. He nodded. "Okay." He said, as he whipped his eyes dry. <%=title%>

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