Chapter 5

Justin slowly opened his eyes, as realization hit him. He quickly pulled away before the small pecks of kisses grew more passionate.

Sabina opened her eyes, as she watched Justin jump off the couch. "Justin?" She questioned softly. She grew concerned, when he didn't look at her. "Justin?" She said softly.

Justin slowly turned to look at her, swallowing the knot forming in his throat. "I-I think you should go." He replied quietly. He looked away.

"Justin I-"

"Please B... Just go." He insisted.

Sabina sighed sadly. She grabbed her jacket and keys and walked out the door. Justin sighed, as tears slowly streaked its way down his cheeks. He ran to the door, but stopped. He wanted to go back and tell Sabina to come back... But he couldn't. He slowly dropped to his knees, as he rested his head against the door frame. The tears still running down his cheeks.  He sobbed quietly, as he realized what he had just done.


* 3 weeks later *

Sabina sighed, as she slowly tied her shoe laces. It had been 3 weeks, since she and Justin had last spoke. The night at his house, was still fresh in her mind. The way he would look at her. The way he caressed her cheek. And the small kisses he left on her lips. She tried her best to talk to him, but he would always push her away.

"5 minutes B." Melinda Brown, her manager said as she passed by her dressing room.

Sabina smiled slightly. She looked at her outfit. Tight dark blue flare jeans, a gray short polo shirt, that was tied in knot in the front her hair was simple. Up in a pony tale and curly. She sighed, as she walked out the dressing and headed towards the stage. She stood by the stairs backstage, as JC approached her.

"Hey B." He said, over the loud cheers.

"Hi JC." She said, as she placed her ear monitor in her ear.

"Are you ok?" He asked, noticing the sadness in her voice.

Sabina sighed, as she took a drink of her bottle of water. "Yeah, I'm fine... I guess."

JC shook his head. "No you're not B. I know what's up... You're still sad about Justin ignoring you aren't you?"

"I-I dunno."

"Sabina you're on!" The stage manager yelled.

"We'll talk after the show all right?" He said. She nodded in agreement, as she grabbed her microphone. JC smiled, as he placed a quick kiss on her cheek. "Good luck!!"

Sabina smiled, as the lights went dim. The cheers of the fans growing louder every minute. She took a deep breath as she slowly walked onto the stage. The lights came back on, as her dancers started their routine, as the music to her song echoed through the arena. She smiled, as the spotlight shined on her. She brought the mic to her mouth as she sang the lyrics to her song.

© I'm sittin' here alone within my room,
Thinkin'  of all the things I can do
To give me a chance to be with you

I can't seem to get you off my mind
Baby, I keep thinking of you all the time
I know our love will never be true,
Cause baby you're too good to be true
So, I just want you to know

Oh Oh Ohhhhhh

Baby you are my fantasy love
Sent from the beautiful heavens  from up above.
I see your face, wherever I go
In posters, magazines, and TV. shows.
So, here's one thing you can know for sure,
Baby you are, my # 1 fantasy love

Justin sighed, as he watched Sabina from the side of the stage. A smile appeared on his handsome faced as she started to sing again.

Baby, I read your name in lights
And I pray for that one lucky night
For us to be together
In the arms of love forever

No matter what I do
No matter what I say
I still go weak on my knees
Every time I hear your name

I'm not here to play any childish games,
I don't even want to pretend
Baby, I want to be so much more than just your friend

I know our love may seem impossible
You live the light of fame.
When I'm just like someone
That the media would like to blame


Baby you are (Baby you are) my fantasy love (fantasy love)
Sent from the beautiful heavens from up above.
I see your face (I see your face), wherever I go
In posters, magazines, and TV. shows.
So, here's one thing you can know for sure,
Baby you are (cause baby you are), my # 1 fantasy love

Justin smiled. She looked so beautiful. Her voice was amazing. Her dance moves were incredible. He sighed, as he slowly walked back into his dressing room to get ready.

I think about you every night and day
Praying that one day you'll feel the same

And as your # 1 fan
I'll do all that I can
Just to make you see
That you and me were meant to be

Baby you are (Baby you are) my fantasy love (fantasy love)
Sent from the beautiful heavens from up above.
I see your face (I see your face), wherever I go
In posters, magazines, and TV. shows.
So, here's one thing you can know for sure,
Baby you are (cause baby you are), my # 1 fantasy love

Sabina smiled, as she finished her song. The fans in the arena going wild. She bowed, the fans going even wilder. "How we feelin New York?" She asked sweetly into the mic. The fans yelled. "Haha! That's what I like to hear." They went wild once again. She smiled, as she got ready to do her next song.


* After the show *

"Hey B, can I talk to you?" JC asked, as he stepped onto her bus.

"Sure, c'mon in." She said, as she took a seat on the couch.

JC smiled, as he sat down next to her. "You're performance was great! You did an excellent job out there."

Sabina smiled. "Thanks JC. I'm glad you were actually watching me perform."

"Well, I wasn't the only one watching."

"What do you mean?"

JC smiled. "Justin was watching also."

Sabina sighed, as she looked out the window. "Oh." She quietly.

JC sighed. "B... What's wrong?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "I dunno... I guess... I miss talking to Justin." She said, sadly.

"You really like him don't you?"

Sabina sighed, as she looked at him. She nodded her head slowly. "More than you know."

* 3 days later *

"Hey J, I need to talk to you." JC said, as he walked into the dressing room.

Justin finished buttoning his shirt. "Yeah, sure what's up?"

"Man, what's the matter with you?"

Justin looked at his best friend. A confused looked plastered across his face. "What do you mean?"

JC shook his head. His long locks, flying back and forth. "I'm talking about Sabina." JC said, as he saw Justin's confused expression change into a sad one. "What's going on? You're like completely ignoring her."

Justin sighed. "I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize to me... Apologize to Sabina."

Justin sighed. He looked at JC and walked out the dressing room. JC sighed, as he walked out the dressing room and towards the stage, where the others were. The crew members clapped, as Sabina ran off the stage. She took a deep breath as she took off her ear monitor. She grabbed her bottle of water and walked towards the back of the stage.

"Hey great job B."

"Thanks Lance." She said. She looked up. She stopped, as she saw Justin. "Uh... Go-Good luck guys!" She said and quickly walked away.

Justin sighed, as he watched her figure disappear inside her dressing room. He took a deep breath, as he and the guys walked onto the stage. "How we feelin Chicago!" Joey yelled into the mic. The crowd went wild, as Justin started the beginning of the song.

Dirty Pop
I'm sick and tired of hearin' all these people talk about
What's the deal with this Pop life and when is it gonna fade out?
The thing you've got to - -

Justin stopped singing. His head throbbing with pain and weaving back and forth. The other guys stopped and looked at Justin confused. By now, the music had stopped playing. Everyone in the crowd began talking frantically. "Justin? What are you doing?" JC asked. Justin turned and looked the others. He was sweating heavily, his body was trembling and aching with pain. "Justin?" JC asked, growing more concerned. Justin sighed heavily, as his eyes rolled back, as he slowly collapsed onto the floor. <%=title%>

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