Chapter 4

"Is he all right doctor?" Johnny asked.

Everyone was sitting quietly in Justin's room, as the doctor checked on Justin. The doctor sighed as he placed his stethoscope back in his bag. "Yes he's going to be fine... His blood pressure was really low... But other than that... He's fine."

Everyone sighed in relief. "Thank you for coming doctor." Johnny said.

"Anytime Mr. Wright... Just be sure he gets plenty of rest and be sure he gets lots of fruits and vitamins."

"We will doctor... Thanks again." He said, as they both walked out of the room.

Lance sighed, as he stood up and walked over to JC. "At least he's ok." He said, as he gently patted his back.

JC sighed, as he sat next to Justin's bed. "Yeah I know... But, I swear... He scared the shit out of me. I mean seeing him like that and then him passing out in front of me. I mean... For a minute, I thought he was... Gone."

"No, don't think that man... Just thank god that he's fine and that he's still here with us." Joey said.

"Yeah... I know." They all sat quiet as Johnny walked back into the room. He walked towards Justin's bed. He sighed as he looked at him. He was sleeping peacefully. His face a little pale. He looked so fragile.

"Hey Johnny... Why don't you go home and rest... Me and the guys will stay here with Justin." JC said, as the others nodded.

Johnny nodded, smiling slightly. "All right... Are you sure you guys are fine?"

Lance nodded. "Yeah... If we need anything we'll give you a call."

Johnny nodded. "All right, see you guys tomorrow." He said, as he walked out of the room.

"Mmm." They all turned as they heard a soft moan. It was Justin.

"Hey J... What's wrong buddy?" JC asked, as they all surrounded his bed.

He moaned softly, his eyes still closed. "Wh-where's Sabina?" He said softly. They all looked at him wide eyed. They looked at each other, then an enormous smile crossing their faces.


Justin's eyes fluttered open. He looked around his room, seeing the guys asleep in his room. "Wh-what's going on?" He asked, quietly.

JC slowly opened his eyes. "Justin?" He said, as he saw him looking around the room. "Hey buddy, you ok?"

Justin winced in pain, as he slowly sat in his bed. "Wh-what's going on? What happened?"

"You, fainted last night." He said, as he helped him sit up.

"I-I did?"

JC looked at him. "You don't remember anything from yesterday?" Soon after, the others began to wake up.

"Hey J!" They all walked over to his bed. Happy to see that he was awake.

"How you feeling?" Lance asked.

"Fine, I guess... Wh-what happened?" He asked again.

They all looked at each other. "You don't remember what happened?"

"Not really..."

"Well, what do you remember?" JC asked.

"I just remember, coming home and me standing in front of the mirror... Then, everything started going in circles... I couldn't see clearly, then... Everything went black."

"It's all right buddy." JC said, as he gently patted his back. "Hey how about we go out and get some breakfast?" JC suggested. Everyone agreed. "How bout it J? The doctor said, you need to eat."

Justin nodded his head slowly. The rest walked out of the room, so Justin could get ready. "Hey JC?"

JC walked back into the room. "Yeah, what's up buddy?"

"Did um... I say anything weird last night?"

JC smiled, as he looked at him. "Yeah you did... But it wasn't weird."

"Well, what did I say?"

JC smiled wider as he looked at him. "You asked for Sabina." He said, and walked out of the room, leaving Justin wide eyed.


* 1 week later *

"All right, perfect!" Choreographer Wade Robson said, as he watched the guys finished the dance routine to their song 'POP'.

Sabina smiled, as she watched the guys dance. She had heard about what happened to Justin last week... And, just like he said... He would talk to her... But, she couldn't get his trust.

"Hey B." JC said, as he took a seat next to her. All the guys had given Sabina a nickname. B.

"Hey JC." She said, as she took a drink, from her bottle of water. "So... Are you excited?"

"About what? The tour starting next week? Hell yeah!" He laughed. "What about you?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah... I'm excited... But, I am a little nervous." She said shyly.

JC laughed. "Ah, don't be... You'll do fine... I know it."

Sabina smiled. "Thanks!"

"So... How are you and Justin doing?"

"Um... Well... What do you mean?"

He took a sip of his bottle water. "Well... Are you two on speaking terms? You know... Friends?"

"Oh... Ye-yeah... It's going good." She said.

"All right guys, that's all for today!" Johnny yelled. "See ya'll early tomorrow morning." Everyone quickly grabbed their belongings and walked out of the arena and into the parking lot.

"All right you guys later." JC said, as he got in his car. The others said their byes and got in their own cars and sped out of the parking lot.

Sabina sighed, as she walked towards her car. She took out the keys from her bag and unlocked her door. She started to get in, when she saw Justin walking towards her car. "Justin?" She said, as he stood in front of her.

"Hi B." He said softly. "I um... Wanted to know if you wanted to go... Uh... I mean, come over to my place. If your not busy that is."

Sabina smiled, a slight laugh escaping her lips. "You really want me there?" She said, jokingly.

Justin smiled. "Well, yeah... I can cook you something."

Sabina's eyes went wide. "Oh, you can cook?"

"Yeah, anything you want."

Sabina smiled. "All right, I'll be there at 7?"

"Ok, see you then."


"Wow Justin... This was great!" Sabina said, as she gently whipped her lip. "This pasta was delicious!"

Justin smiled. "I'm glad you liked it." He stood up and placed there plates in the sink. He turned around, as he saw Sabina looking at him. "What?" He asked.

"You never used to smile." She said. Justin quickly looked down. "But... Every time you're with me or you talk to me, you're always smiling."

Justin looked up. "Is that bad?"

Sabina laughed slightly. "Silly boy... Of course it's not bad... It's good thing... Cause I make you feel comfortable." She said proudly.

Justin smiled. "Let's watch some television." He said, as they both walked towards the living room. They both sat on the love sofa. Justin sighed, as he switched on the television. "All right what do you wanna watch?"

"Um..... How about.... Titanic."

Justin looked at her. A dumbfounded look plastered on his face. "Titanic?"

"What's wrong with that?"

"Well... It's old... It's too long... And... it's boring."

Sabina mouth dropped opened. She gasped, as she lightly hit his shoulder. "It is not boring!!!" Justin laughed. "C'mon please.... I really like that movie."

Justin shook his head, as he looked at her.

"Ah, c'mon..... Pleaseeeeeeeeee."

Justin laughed. "You know, you look cute when your begging." He laughed harder, as she hit him.

"Stop making fun of me!" She said. "C'mon pleaseeee.. Pleaseeee."

Justin laughed slightly. "Ok, we'll watch it." He smiled, as saw Sabina jumping up and down on the couch. He placed the movie in the VCR and pressed play. He sat back, as the movie started playing.


Justin sighed, as he and Sabina watched the movie. His body tensed as he felt Sabina gently, laying her head against his shoulder. He slowly brought his arm around her, so she could get more comfortable. He took a deep breath as he watched the movie. It was on the part where Jack and Rose where standing at the edge of boat, as the sun was setting. She thought she was flying. Justin sighed, as looked at Sabina. A sudden rushed racing through his body as he looked at her. He sighed heavily, as he kept his eyes on her. Sabina slowly lifted her head, as she looked at him. "Are you ok?" She asked, softly, concerned.

Justin smiled slightly. "Yeah... I'm ok." He said, his eyes never leaving her.

"Are you sure?"

He nodded, assuring that he was all right. He sighed again as he looked at her. His heart fluttering with joy. "God your beautiful." He said softly.

Sabina smiled. "Thank you." She said looking down. Her cheeks turning a slight shade of red. She slowly looked up, as her eyes met Justin's.

Justin sighed, as he swallowed the knot forming in his throat. He slowly brought his hand up to her face, as he gently caressed the softness of her skin. He sighed softly, his eyes moving to her lips, then back to her eyes. He sighed softly once again, as he slowly leaned forward. His slowly licked his lips, as they came close to hers. Inches away. Her eyes were closed. He closed his eyes, as his lips gently brushed against hers. He leaned over slowly, as he placed a small peck on her lips over and over. <%=title%>

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