Chapter 13

* 1 week later *

Sabina's eyes slowly fluttered open, as the bright sun crept its way through the closed blinds. She quietly yawned, stretching her arms over her head. She looked over at Justin, who was sleeping peacefully in his bed. She rose from the chair she was sitting on and walked over to the bed. She slightly gasped, as she saw Justin slowly open his eyes. "Justin?" She questioned softly.

Justin's eyes fluttered open. A happy smile crossing his face. "Hi sweetie." His voice was soft and raspy. A single tear trickled its way down Sabina's cheek as she gently wrapped her arms around him in a warm embrace. Moments later, the rest of the NSync guys came walking in. Smiles hit their faces as they saw Justin awake.

"Hey J... How you feeling man?" JC asked each of the guys gave him a hug.

Justin sighed, taking a deep breath. "Tired." He said sleepily. "I'm really glad tha-" He started coughing, his voice horse and raspy. He took a deep breath as he spoke again. "Really glad, that you guys are here." He said softly.

"Shh, don't stress yourself man." JC said, as the others nodded.

Justin smiled, slightly. His body starting to ache with pain. Sabina sighed softly, as she looked at him. He was fading fast. He was really skinny. He was weak. Unable to move or walk. Unable to speak. His breathing was becoming uneasy; breathing on his own was becoming unbearable. His face was losing its bright color. He was looking more and more like a ghost. His lips were turning purple. His eyes didn't have that glow in them anymore. Her eyes went wide, as she watched Justin's head weaving back and forth. "Justin?" She questioned softly. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she heard him breathing heavily. His breathing starting to slow down. "Oh god... Chris, grab the oxygen mask, hurry!" She cried, as she rushed to Justin's side. "Hold on sweetie, just hold on." She said, as she held his hand tightly. Minutes later, Chris came running into the room with the oxygen tank and mask. Sabina quickly placed the mask over Justin's mouth, as Chris turned on the tank. Moments later, Justin's breathing became stable. His breathing was under control.

The guys stood quietly, as they watched Justin breathing through the mask. Tears brimmed in their eyes, as they looked at him. Though they had no idea how much pain Justin was going through, inside they knew they were hurting, just as much as Sabina and Justin were hurting. Losing the ones you love. <%=title%>

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