Chapter 12

* 10 months later *

"Honey I'm home!" Justin yelled, as he entered his house. He smiled, as he saw Sabina walking up to him. "Why hello, Mrs. Timberlake." He smiled widely.

Sabina smiled, a slight laugh escaping her lips. "Well, hello Mr. Timberlake." She replied, as her lips met his.

Justin smiled. "And how is Justin Jr. doing huh?" He said, as he took his 1 month old baby in his arms. He laughed slightly, as he looked at him. He looked exactly like him. The same bright blue eyes. His nose. He looked exactly like he did when he was a baby.

"So, how was the meeting?" Sabina asked, as she placed the baby in his crib.

Justin sighed, as he sat down on the couch. "Oh, it was all right I guess... We were thinking of doing another tour for the Celebrity album."

"Oh." She said, as she walked into the kitchen. "Sweetheart are you hungry?" She asked, as she looked through the fridge.

"Yes, very." Justin laughed, as he stood up. He suddenly stopped. A sharp pain raged through his body. He quickly grabbed the chair by the dining table. His body started to ache with pain. His vision became blurry. "Oh God... Not again." He said softly.

"Did you say something sweetie?" Sabina asked, as she looked up from what she was doing. Her eyes went wide, as she saw Justin's face turn pale. "Justin? Baby, what's wrong?" She asked her voice filled with concern. Her eyes instantly brimmed with tears, as she saw Justin slowly collapsed onto the floor.


"Sabina?" Sabina sighed sadly, as she looked up. A pair of blue eyes looked down at her. "Sabina what happened?"

Sabina's lip trembled rapidly. Tears flooded her eyes. "I ... I dunno..." She said, her voice cracking with every word that came out of her mouth. "I was in the kitchen.... And... When I looked up... I... I just saw him collapsed onto the floor." She sobbed quietly. Her body quivered with every sob.

JC sighed. His eyes brimmed with tears. "Shh ... It's ok." He said, trying to comfort her. He sighed, as he looked at Justin Jr. sleeping peacefully in his cradle. "Poor little guy." He said, as he and Sabina looked at him.

Sabina sighed, as she looked at her son. They both jumped, as they saw the doctor walking into the waiting room. "Mrs. Timberlake?" Sabina stood up. "May I talk to you in private please?" He said quietly. Sabina's hands started shaking rapidly, as she looked at the doctor. She looked over at JC worried.

"Go ahead... I'll stay here and take care of Jr." Sabina nodded, as she followed the doctor out into the hall.

"Doctor, is he all right?" She asked, once they were alone.

Doctor Rightlen sighed, as he looked at her. "I'm afraid we have a problem."


Sabina sighed sadly, as she slowly entered the quiet room. Tears flooded her eyes, as she looked at Justin lying helplessly on the bed. She sobbed quietly, as she slowly made her way towards him. Her lip trembled as she looked at him. He looked so helpless. So fragile. His face; the color of the hospital sheet. She sighed heavily, as she sat beside him. Gently caressing his hand with hers. "Oh God... Why did this have to happen again?" She said softly. Tears streaked down her cheeks. "Why now? Why at this exact moment, when we were bearly starting a new life... Together ... As a family." She closed her eyes shut, tears zig-zagging down her cheeks. Moments later, the doctor walked in. Sabina sighed, as she looked at the doctor. "Doctor Rightlen please... Please tell me that there's something we can do." She begged.

The doctor sighed sadly. "I'm sorry Mrs. Timberlake... But there isn't anything else that we can do... The cancer has returned... This time, twice as worse as the other times... We located the tumor in his liver..."

Sabina gasped. "H- His liver?" She repeated.

Doctor Rightlen nodded. "Yes... The tumor is about the size of a baseball... And I'm afraid that it's eaten up a quarter of his liver... There's nothing we can do." He sighed sadly, as he looked at her. "His days are counted." He said sadly.

Sabina sobbed as she looked down at Justin. "Can I take him home?" She asked, as the doctor looked at her confused. "Please doctor... I want him to be at home with me and our son... I want him to be there when his day comes." The doctor nodded, as he walked out of the room to get his release papers ready. Sabina sighed, as she placed a small kiss on Justin lips. Moments later, JC came in with Justin Jr. Sabina cried, as she ran up to JC... JC sighed sadly, as placed the cradle on the floor and wrapped Sabina in a hug. Both of them sobbed quietly, as they watched Justin lying helplessly on the bed. <%=title%>

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