Chapter 1

"Rise and shine."

Justin sighed, as his eyes fluttered open. He lifted his head off the pillow, and looked at his friend JC Chasez opening the curtains. Justin squinted, as the bright sun lit up the once dark bedroom.

"C'mon J, it's time to get up." JC said. He patted Justin's leg and headed towards the door.

"What time is it?"

"It's 7 am. Now c'mon we have to be in the studio in 30 minutes." He said, as he walked out of the room.

Justin sighed, as he slowly lifted himself off his bed. He lived by himself, but his friends Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, and JC Chasez, were always there since they heard what had happened to him. He yawned as he brought his arms over his head, stretching them. He stood up and walked into his bathroom and started the shower.


"Morning guys." Johnny Wright, NSync's manger said, as the boys entered the room.

"Morning Johnny!" They all said.

"Morning Justin."

"Morning Johnny." He said, tiredly.

"How you feeling this morning?"

Justin shrugged his shoulders. "Eh... All right I guess."

Johnny smiled. "That's good to hear."

For the next 2 hours, they were going over the preparations for their upcoming album, 'Celebrity'. Which songs were going to be sung during the tour, which songs to add on the album, and choreograph each one of them.

"All right, is everything clear?" Johnny asked. Everyone nodded in agreement. "Okay, good... Now, let's go finish recording the rest of the album."

They all stood and headed towards the door. They stopped as Clare, Johnny's secretary walked into the room. "Excuse me Mr. Wright... Miss Sullivan is here to see you."

Johnny nodded. "All right guys, go on ahead towards the room, I'll meet you all there in a minute."

The guys nodded, as they walked out of the room. Justin sighed, he turned and looked at Johnny, walking down the hall with Clare and a younger women. Her back was facing him. He sighed once again, as he followed the rest of the guys into the recording room.


"All right guys... Let's take it from the beginning..." Said, producer and artist, Brian McKnight. The guys were getting ready to record 'Selfish'. A new song for the 'Celebrity' album. "All right, hit it Justin." Brian said, as the music started playing.

I just don't understand
Why you running from a good man baby?
Why you wanna turn your back on love?
Why you've already given up?
See I know that you've been hurt before
But I swear I give so much more
I swear I'll never let you down
Cause I swear it's you that I adore

And I can't help myself babe
Cause I think about you constantly
And my heart gets no rest over you
You, you, yeah

You can call me selfish
Cause all I want is your love
You can call me hopeless baby
Cause I'm hopelessly in love
You can call me perfect
But who's perfect?
Tell me what do I gotta do
To prove that I'm the only one for you
So, what's wrong with being selfish?

Brian stopped the music. "All right, that was good..." He smiled, at Justin. "Justin, you did great man.. You put a lot of emotion into it." The guys smiled, as they patted Justin's back. Justin, only smiled slightly. "All right, let's start were we left off... JC, hit it." He said, as the music started playing again.

I'll be taking up your time
Till the day I make you realize
That for you there could be no one else
I just gotta have you for myself
Baby I will take good care of you
No matter what it is you're going through
I'll be there for you when your in need
Baby believe in me

Cause our love is a crime
yeah yeah
And punish me I would die for you
Cause I don't want to live without you
What can I do, oh, oh

Johnny smiled, as he watched the guys recording through the glass mirror. He glanced over at the young women next to him. He smiled. "So... What do you think Miss Sullivan? Would you like to join NSync on tour this summer?"

The young girl smiled, as she looked at him. "It would be an honor Mr. Wright." Johnny smiled. "Being NSync's opening act is something that I have always wanted to do, ever since I entered the music business."

Johnny laughed slightly. "Well, you are signed to JIVE Records... We always have their artist to open up for them."

She smiled. "I'm very excited... But yet, I am a little nervous."

Johnny smiled. "There's no need to be nervous. They are fine young men... You'll get along with them just fine." She smiled. "But... There may be one person, who you may have trouble communicating with."

She looked at him confused. "Which member is that?"

Johnny sighed. He turned and looked at the guys, who were talking to Brian. "Him." He said, pointing to Justin.

The young women turned and looked at the young man, Johnny was pointing to. His hair was short. A buzz cut. His eyes, a bright blue. He was just gorgeous. She looked at him carefully. The other guys were laughing along with their producer. She looked at Justin. He sat quietly on his stool, looking at his friends. The most he would do was smile. But never laugh at the jokes they were telling eachother.

"Why is he so quiet?" She asked, her eyes still on him.

Johnny sighed. "Ever since he found out what happened to him."

She tore her eyes from Justin and looked at Johnny. "What happened to him?" She asked, concerned.

Johnny sighed, as he looked back at Justin. "It's a secret that nobody else knows... Except for me, his family, and the rest of the group." He looked back at her. He smiled slightly. "C'mon, we have to get your preparations ready for the tour." He said, as they both walked out of the recording room.

Justin sighed. He looked towards the window, as he saw Johnny walked out of the room, with the same young women behind him. Her back facing him. He sighed once again, as he turned his attention back to his friends. <%=title%>

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