"Check, check one, check one." The sound director said, slowly testing the volume of the microphone. "All right, mic is in check. Let's get these speakers wired right. I don't want a shortage in the middle of a performance."

"Looks like this is going to take awhile." Robert, Justin's manager said.

"Yeah, no shit." Justin said, frustration lingering on each word that came out of his mouth. This was the third time, the sound system had gone down that day. Not to mention that he had been at the arena since six in the morning and hadn't had a bite to eat. "Rob, I'm gonna go grab some lunch."

"All right kid, be sure to be back by four. That gives you exactly two and a half hours."

"All right thanks Rob." He sighed, waving back at him, as he walked off.

Justin sighed heavily, as he took his car keys out of his jean pocket. A large cheese and pepperoni pizza would sure fill up his stomach. The image of a nice and hot pizza stayed fresh in his mind, but quickly faded, as soon as his cell phone went off.

"Hello?" He asked, as he stepped into his black Escalade.

"Hi Justin."

"Angela? Wha, what a surprise."

"I don't have time to stay and chit chat Justin. I'm just calling to inform that I've finished moving out my things from your place."

"Oh, okay." He replied sadly.

Angela sighed. "I'm getting married in two weeks, so the sooner I got my things out, the better."

"That's harsh Angela. We've only been broken up for a week and you're already getting married?"

"Look Justin, I don't have time for this. I'm marrying Jason, the same guy I cheated on you with. So, I'm letting you know that all my stuff is moved out and I'm leaving my key on the counter."

Justin slowly swallowed the lump that was forming in his thoart. "So I guess this is really it then huh?" He asked, choking the words out.

"Have a nice life Justin. At least I know mine will be better than yours."

"You never really loved me did you?"

Angela gasped sarcastically. "I'm sorry if I made it seem like I did."

"You - you were pretending?"

"Yes, Justin I was. And why if you ask, because you're just a kid that likes to sing and dance. A kid can't support me, only a man. And that's what I found in Jason. He's a real man, not you. So take care and have fun doing the childish things that you like to do. Good-bye."

A tear slipped down Justin's cheek, as the line went dead. He let the phone slip from his hand, as it landed on his lap.

I'm sure most of you have had this sort of relationship. Where the girl cheats on the guy and vice versa. The girl doesn't love the guy and so on and so forth. But as for Justin, it's happened one too many times. Falling in love isn't as easy as it may seem. It isn't always wonderful or beautiful, as most people say it is. To Justin, the word love has slowly started fading away and after today's incident with his ex girlfriend Angela, the word love no longer existed.

Justin sighed, as he wiped the tears from his eyes. "To hell with love. Fuck everything that consists of love. Fuck the pain that always comes with it. I'm never falling in love again." He started his engine. "Never again will I fall in love." He pulled out of the parking lot, as his body guards followed him, as he stopped at a red light. He sighed heavily, more tears forming in his eyes. "I'm afraid to fall in love........."

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