Chapter 5

* 1 month later *

"So, what are we planning to do for Justin's birthday?" JC asked, as he, Wade, Brad, and the rest of the tour crew sat in the lounge.

"With the way he's been acting, does he even deserve a party or anything for that matter?" Becky asked sarcastically.

"Been acting? He hasn't said a word for an entire month."

"My point exactly. We try and talk to him, maybe joke around, but he just ignores us."

"Yeah, even during Christmas, when we did that special on ABC. I tried giving him a hug, even a Merry Christmas, and he just looked at me like I was some kind of wild animal that was ready to attack him."

"Guys, I know Justin hasn't been Mr. Friendly and he's been ignoring us for the last two months. But he's still our friend and his tour is doing awesome. He at least deserves alittle something wouldn't you agree?"

Everyone sighed as they looked at JC. "JC's right. We should at least try and make him something. Hopefully it can bring him out of that shell that he's been hiding in."

"Wade has a point and so does JC, but what can we do?"

"Take him out clubbing." Everyone turned, as they looked at Shannon walking into the lounge. "The guys can take him out clubbing, remind him what it feels like to have a good time with your friends. Make him realize, that not everything is as bad as they say."

"Well, what about us?" Becky asked, impiling on the all the girls.

"When the guys are out doing that. Us women will set up the hotel lobby with decorations. Party streamers, balloons, confetti, lights, drinks, music, food, cake, anything we can think off. Believe me, this will slowly make him realize that no matter what he's always going to have someone and it will slowly, bring back the Justin that everyone knows.

Everyone looked at eachother confused, yet they seemed to be somewhat impressed with the idea of Shannon making a surprise party for Justin. They all knew she had feelings for him, but maybe she really wanted to help them bring back the Justin that we were all used to.

"All right, let's do this." Brad said, as they the guys went in search for Justin and the ladies started getting the lobby ready.


* Later that night *

"All right the place is looking pretty good ladies." Shannon said, as she examined the entire lobby. The decorations looked fantastic, the food looked delicious, and the lights and music gave the lobby a cozy atmosphere.

"Ladies! The guys are coming." Becky yelled, as the girls took their places, the guys just a few feet away from the lobby.

"Hey, thanks for taking me out guys. But I think I'm going to hit the sack." They heard Justin say, behind the closed doors.

"Ah, c'mon Jay. Just chill with us for awhile."

"All right, maybe for alittle awhile. But, after that I'm going to bed." They stepped into the dark lobby. "Uh, do you guys know where you're going?" Silence surrounded the entire dark lobby. "Guys? Man, the hell is going on?"

"SURPRISE!!!" Justin gasped, as all the lights came back on, his eyes examining the beautifully decorated lobby.

"Happy birthday Justin!" They all yelled, as they each went up to give a hug.

"You- you guys did all this for me?" He asked surprisingly.

"Yeah, even though you've been ignoring us for the past two months, we still decided on throwing you alittle party." JC said, as he gave him a brotherly hug. "With some BIG help of course." He added, eyeing Shannon in the back.

Justin smiled, as the music started playing. He looked straight ahead, as he watched the tour crew and some of their close friends dancing, chatting, drinking, and eating the night away.

"Happy birthday Justin."

Justin gasped lightly, as he slowly turned around. His sapphire eyes coming in to contact with Shannon's green eyes. "Shannon." He said softly.

Shannon smiled slightly. 'Well, at least he didn't walk away. That's a start.' She thought to herself. "I hope you like the surprise party I planned for you." She said quietly.

Justin looked around the entire lobby, then back to her. "Yo- You did all this?"

"Yeah." She said softly. "I know we never really got along with eachother and everytime we try to talk , we always end up agruing. But, the crew didn't want to make you anything for your birthday because of your behavior. But JC and Wade insisted that you deserved something, because your tour has been a huge success."

"But why did you do all this?"

"Because they couldn't decide on anything. So, I planned it. The club, the surprise party. It was all me."

"You didn't have too."

"I know." She answered quickly. "But I wanted too. I wanted to make you realize, that not everything is as bad as it all may seem to be. No matter how many bad things happened in your life, you're always going to have someone. Your friends. They care about you Justin. They really do. And they don't want to see you miserable. It's your charm, loyalty, your dedication, and your sense of humor that gives your friends the strength to carry on, and to realize how important life and friendship really is. You're the heart of this tour Justin. Don't ever forget that."

Justin cleared his thoart slowly, taking in Shannon's words deeper than ever. "Thanks Shannon." He said, a small smile tipping his lips. He bent down slightly, placing a small gentle, yet sweet kiss on her cheek.

"Justin." She replied softly, her body growing with goosebumps, as his lips touched her skin.

"That's just my way of saying thank you. I really appreciate what you did here tonight. It really means alot to me."

"You're welcome." She answered soflty. "Have a nice night." She said, as she started walking away.

"Wait!" He said quickly. "Where are you going?"

"To my room. I'm really in no mood for partying. You go and have a great time. This is your night." She smiled slightly, as she walked out of the lobby.

"Hey Jay!!" Justin turned around, as he looked at everyone else. "C'mon man, it's time to cut the cake!"

Justin sighed heavily, as small smile tipping his lips, as he walked over to his friends, as they started singing happy birthday.


Shannon sighed, as laid her tired body on the queen size bed. Her mind and her heart were having the batttle of a life time. In her mind, she thought that what she had done tonight, was wrong. Justin never deserved any of this. He had been rude and disrespectful to her. But her heart knew otherwise. She liked him, alot. Her feeling were mutal, they were sincere. In her heart, she knew she had to do this, because she cared and wanted to make him realize that no matter what, he's always going to have someone. Whether it be in a friendship way, or in the way she carved more than anything. As her 'boyfriend'.

"Why do you have to be so wonderful?" She asked herself, pulling the blankets over her body. "Why do I have to like you so much, even though I know you'll never feel the same about me?" She closed slowly, as she drifted off to sleep. <%=title%>

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