Chapter 3

* First day of the tour *

"All right everyone, five minutes!"

"We about to get busy, what what!"

Justin sighed heavily, as he listened to his dancers chat amongst themselves. This was it. His first tour performance. Practice was excellent during the last 8 months. But his nerves were getting to him, making him pray that hopefully nothing bad happened during the next 2 hours.

"Yo Shannon. Awesome job girl. Your performance was hot!"

"Thanks Brad." Shannon replied, as she jumped off the back stairs.

"Yo Justin, wasn't she hot?"

Justin didn't say anything, as he and Shannon looked at eachother. He adjusted his headset, as he walked away.

The edge of Shannon's eyes brimmed with tears, as she watched Justin walk towards the stage.

Everyone looked at eachother confused, as they had just witnessed what had happened in front of their eyes. They all looked at Shannon, her eyes blurred from the tears that threatened to escape. She walked away embarrassed, as she felt the eyes of all the dancers weighing on her back.

"Dude, what the hell just happened?" Brad asked, as he looked at everyone else.

"Justin and his ray of assholeness." Becky replied angrily.

Brad laughed. "Assholeness? That isn't a word."

"He's being an asshole to her because she put him in his place. And he's too chicken to admit it." Wade scolded.

"This is going to be an interesting six months." Everyone nodded.

"Dancers, get ready to take your places."

Everyone, including Justin huddled for a quick prayer. "All right everyone... SHOW TIME!!" Everyone beamed, as they took off towards the stage.


*Later that night *

"Hey honey!"

Justin smiled happily, as he ran up to his mom. "Mom! I'm glad you made it."

Lynn smiled, as she wrapped her arms around her son. "That, was the best show I've ever seen. I'm so proud of you baby."

Justin beamed happily. Seeing his mother so happy always brightened up his day.

"Oh, and your opening act. What's her name? Shannon Michael, honey she was wonderful, don't you agree?"

"Oh yeah, great." He replied coldly. "Mom, me and the guys are going out tonight. See you later? Love you."

"I love you too honey and be careful." With one last hug and a kiss, Justin jogged towards the elevators to get ready for the night.


* Later that night, the club *

"Yo man, is this awesome or what?" Brad exclaimed, as they entered the loud dance club.

Justin, Wade, JC, and Brad all walked up towards the bar and ordered Presidente shots. All four men took them at once, as they kept ordering more.

"Yo Shannon, baby come and take a shot with us." Justin turned his head rapidly, as he heard Brad mention Shannon's name.

"No way Brad, you guys have had eight shots of Presidente."

"So, you think you're all bad and shit. What have you had to drink all night Miss 'I Am A Badass'?" Justin slurred, the liquor slowly taking over his body.

Shannon looked at him, as she raised an eyebrow. "Four Lemon Drops, five Cherry Bombs, two Anchor Bombs, five slammers, four Screaming Natzies, and one shot of Presidente." She said, as she grabbed Justin's shot glass from his hand and swallowed it whole.

Justin sat quietly, as he looked at Shannon with the most shocked expression on his face. His anger, somehow growing as he heard their friends laughing at him. "Oh, it's on now." He said, as he and Shannon started ordering more shots of everything they had.

"Yo JC, Wade. What the hell is Justin doing?" Brad asked, as all three men stared onto the dance floor. "He's dancing with Shannon."

"They're both drunk. Neither of them now what they're doing." JC answered, as they all kept drinking and dancing.

Justin whipped his brow, as he looked at Shannon's face. Somehow, just looking at her. The way her body moved with the rhythm of the music, her hair waving back and forth, her face, her eyes, her lips, her neck. His eyes traveled down, a shocking sensation shooting to his groin. Her breast, her slim stomach, her tight firm ass, and long silk legs. She was driving him insane.

Shannon's eyes traveled upward, as she noticed Justin looking at her. She knew what he was thinking. The lust was written all over his face. He wanted her, he wanted her really bad. And to be honest, she wanted him too. Even after, god knows how many drinks, she could still see straight. She knew what was going on around her. And she had to take a chance. She had feelings for Justin. She liked him, alot. She sighed heavily, as she reached her hand over the back of his head. She licked her lips slowly, as she inched his face closer to her, until her lips caputred his.

Justin's lips moved slowly with Shannon's, as he grabbed her ass with his hands. The kiss began to grow more passionate, but something happened that Shannon was not perpared for. All the alcohol, seemed to instantly drained from his body. He pulled back quickly, his eyes wide as he looked at Shannon. He shook his head, his eyes brimming with tears as he ran out of the club. And not noticing that Wade, JC, and Brad had witnessed the entire scene. <%=title%>

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