Chapter 9

     "Hey Sylvia do you think Lance likes me?" Julia asked. The girls were in their 4th period class, waiting for the bell to ring, so they can leave.

     Sylvia looked over at Julia, a smile tipping her lips. "You want me to tell you?" Julia nodded, her eyes full of hope. Sylvia laughed slightly. "What do you think?" She asked.

     Julia sighed, as she thought. "Well, I think he does." She said, looking back at her friend.

     Sylvia smiled. "And how do you know?"

     Julia smiled. "Because ... When we went to the movies yesterday, he told me that ... He's falling for me." She said happily.

     Sylvia smiled. "I'm so happy for you Julz ... I'm glad you and lance found something with each other... You two are perfect for each other."


     The bell echoed loudly the classroom. Sylvia and Julia jumped from their seats and walked out the classroom. "Yeah, no more school baby!" Sylvia yelled, as the student body cheered. Julia laughed, as she and Sylvia walked outside, to the limo. They got in as Sylvia's driver drove them to the arena where NSync was going to be playing.


* At the arena ... 1:30 p.m. *

     "Hey Lance, where's Sylvia and Julia?" Justin asked, as they finished rehearsing the first song.

     Lance shrugged his shoulders as he drank out of his water bottle. "I dunno ... Don't worry man, they'll be here." He said, as the guys got ready for the next song.

     Justin sighed. "I hope so ... He said sadly. "Hey, maybe Sylvia found some other guy and left me for him."

     Lance laughed. "C'mon Justin, don't be ridiculous ... I know Sylvia very well ... She wouldn't leave you, trust me."

     "I hope so ... What if Julia did the same to you?"

     Lance looked at him. "Justin, calm down ... Sylvia and Julia are not like that ..." He said.

     "Well, how come they're not here yet?"

     Lance sighed, as he thought. "Knowing Sylvia ... She probably went to buy me, you and the guys something to eat."

     "Uh huh sure." Justin said.

     "Ready guys?" JC asked. Justin and Lance nodded, as the music for the second song began.

Would you be my girlfriend?

     Sylvia and Julia walked onto the stage, they hushed as they saw the guys rehearsing the song. They smiled excitedly as they sat down and watched them. Lance turned. He smiled as he saw Sylvia and Julia sitting down. He elbowed Justin lightly and walked up to Julia.

Would you be my girlfriend?

     Justin turned. He smiled widely as he saw Sylvia sitting down. He walked up to her, a huge across his lips.

Would you be my girlfriend? (I like you baby) Would you be my girlfriend?

     He took her hand and started singing to her.

I don't know why you care He doesn't even know you're there Cause he don't love your eyes And he don't love your smile Girl, you know that ain't fair

The middle of the night, is he gonna be by your side Or will he run and hide You don't know, 'cause things ain't clear And baby when you cry, is he gonna stand by your side Does the man even know you're alive I got an idea

Why don't you be my girlfriend I'll treat you good I know you hear your friends when they say you should 'Cause if you were my girlfriend, I'd be your shining star The one to show you where you are Girl you should be my girlfriend

     Julia and Sylvia laughed, as JC walked up to them, dancing wildy in front of them.

Does he know what you feel Are you sure that it's real Does he ease your mind Or does he break your stride Did you know that love could be a shield

     Julia smiled, as she looked up at Lance. He smiled at her, holding her hand. After 3 minutes, the guys had finished the song. Sylvia and Julia laughed, as the guys sat with them, taking a break.

     "That's was ... great." Julia laughed, as she looked at them. "No, but really, it was good ... You guys did great." She smiled.

     "Thanks!" They said.

     "So, I take it you're Julia?" JC said, extending his hand.

     Julia nodded smiling. "Yup, that would be me ... Hi nice to meet you." She said shaking his hand.

     JC laughed. "So, you're the one Lance keeps babbling about." He smiled playfully.

     Julia laughed. "Oh ... I feel so loved." She smiled, putting her hand over her heart.

     Lance smiled, as he wrapped his arms around her. "It's cuz you are." He said proudly, placing a soft kiss on her lips.

     Chris jumped up from his chair and covered his eyes. "WHOA! My virgin eyes have seen enough!" He yelled, as everyone laughed.

     "Hey guys, me and Julz brought ya'll something to eat." Sylvia said, as she placed the big McDonald's bag on top of the table. Everyone cheered, as they all dug in. Sylvia laughed, as she turned to look at Justin. She leaned into him. "So, you want me to be your girlfriend?" She whispered into his ear joking.

     Justin smiled. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Sylvia smiled, as she whispered 'yes'. Justin smiled widely as he kissed her softly on the lips. They turned back and ate their food.

* Later that night *

     "Oh my gosh ... Sylvia, this concert kicks major ass!" Julia yelled over the loud music and screaming fans.

     Sylvia laughed. "I agree." She yelled. After the last 2 hours, the concert was over. Sylvia and Julia laughed, as they walked around backstage. "So, how are things going with Lance?" Sylvia asked, as they sat on corner of the backstage.

     Julia smiled, dreamily. "Wonderful ... He asked me to be his girlfriend, before the show."

     Sylvia smiled. "Really?" She said happily. "What did you say?"

     Julia smiled. "YES!" She yelled happily.

     Sylvia laughed happily. "Well, you're not the only one who got asked out." She said, with a smug smile.

     Julia looked at her wide eye. "Oh really eh?"

     Sylvia smiled. "Justin asked me to his girlfriend, after that whole 'Girlfriend' song."

     Julia laughed happily. "Oh ... Give it up for Sylvia." She laughed, as she gave her a hug. "Now, I can say, me and you are the luckiest girls in the world."

     Sylvia laughed, and nodded. "Hey girl!" Sylvia and Julia turned, seeing the guys standing by a limo. "Let's get going. Tonight's a party night." They said. Sylvia and Julia smiled, as they ran towards the guys. They jumped inside the limo, as they headed out to a fun night.

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