Chapter 7

* 3 weeks later *

' Knock Knock '

     Julia lifted her head as she heard a small knock at her door. She set her Calculus book down on the kitchen table and walked to the front door. She opened it.

     "Hey Julz!"

     "Hey Sylvia!" Julia said, opening the door wider for Sylvia to come in.

     Sylvia smiled as she stepped inside. "Are you busy?" She asked as she followed Julia into the kitchen.

     "Not really. I'm just finishing up my Calculus work."

     "Oh... I finished mine before I came here. Hey, mind if I get something to drink?" She asked.

     "Go ahead... Help yourself." Julia smiled, as she got back to finishing her homework.

     Sylvia nodded, as she walked to the fridge. "Hey Julz, what are you doing tomorrow?" She asked, looking through the fridge.

     "What's tomorrow?"

     "Saturday." Sylvia said, as she pulled out a cold can of Diet Dr. Pepper.

     "Oh ... um... I dunno, probably nothing. Why?" She asked, working on the next math problem.

     "Well, I received a phone call from a very interesting person today... He asked for you." She said, opening the can and taking a sip.

     "And who the hell would possibly be asking for me?" She asked, still working on the problem.

     Sylvia chuckled. "Lance... Who else silly."

     Julia stopped. Her pencil slipped from her hand. She lifted her head slowly, looking at her pretty friend. "Di... Did you say that ... he ... asked for me?"

     Sylvia smiled as she looked at her pretty friend. "Yup ... he sure did."

     "What did he say? What did he want?" She asked excitedly, her eyes lighting up.

     Sylvia laughed. "Julz, calm down... He just said, that him and the guys are coming into town tomorrow...... And, he wanted to know if you wanted to go with us."


     "Movies, shopping, amusement parks, sight seeing.... All that fun stuff." She smiled.

     Julia squealed happily. "Oh, I can't wait for tomorrow!" She smiled.

     Sylvia laughed.

     "So, are you coming with us?"

     "At first, I wasn't... But, I changed my mind."

     "What made you change your mind?"

     Sylvia's smile widen. "Cuz Justin's going."

* The next day *

     "Lance!" Sylvia yelled.

     Lance's smile widen. "Hey sweetie!" He said, wrapping her in a tight hug.

     "Hey Julia!" Lance said, giving her a big hug.

     "Hey Lance! It's good to see you again."

     "It's good to see you too." He smiled, rubbing her back gently.

     "Hey party people!"

     Julia turned. She laughed as she saw Justin walking out of the terminal. Her eyes wondered towards Sylvia. She smiled as she saw Sylvia's smile widen, as she looked at Justin.

     "Hey Justin!" Sylvia said, sweetly.

     "Hey beautiful!" Justin said, wrapping her in a very tight hug. He kissed her cheek, just slightly missing her lips. Julia's eyes widen at the sight. She looked at Lance.

     Lance rolled his eyes and laughed. "I think they have a thing for each other." He whispered.

     Julia nodded as she, Sylvia, and the rest of the guys walked out of the airport.


* Later that day *

     "Hey, how does this look?" Julia asked, standing in front of Sylvia's full length mirror.

     Sylvia walked out of her closet and looked at She was wearing a tight, yet slightly loose maroon tank top, which covered her upper torso and tight boot leg blue jeans, over her black boots. "You look beautiful Julz!" Sylvia said happily. "You're gonna knock Lance off his feet." She smiled.

     "Thanks!" She said. She looked at Sylvia's outfit.

     Her eyes nearly popped out of her socket. Sylvia was wearing a tight baby blue tank top on her upper torso and very tight black leather pants that showed her model legs. She looked up at Sylvia and smiled.

     "How's my outfit?" Sylvia asked, looking at her reflection.

     "Girl... When Justin sees you, he's gonna drop on one knee and ask you to marry him right there." She joked.

     Sylvia laughed. "Girl, sometimes you say the most strangest things."

     Julia laughed. "OK... Anywho... So, where are we going?" She asked.

     "Well, Lance wants to go to the amusement park... Then to a movie and get a bite to eat afterwards." Julia smiled. "Sounds like a party to me!"

' Ring Ring '

     Sylvia put her lip liner down and walked to the phone.


     "Hey sweetie... Whatcha doing?"

     "Hey Lance! We're just finishing getting ready."

     "Alright cool... We'll be there to pick you girls up in about 30 minutes."

     "K... Bye."


     Sylvia hung up the phone and looked at Julia.

     "Well?" Julia asked.

     "They'll be here in 30 minutes."

     Julia jumped up and down like a little girl, who had just got her favorite toy. Sylvia laughed as they finished getting ready.

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